Are You Deeply Devoted to Your Lover? | Honest Quiz For Couples

Are You Deeply Devoted to Your Lover? | Honest Quiz For Couples

Welcome! Today we have another love-themed quiz for you! We have prepared a special quiz for couples. Do you think you are fully committed and devoted to each other? Take our quiz and find out! Also read our article developing the topic. There you will find a lot of useful relationship advice! Are you deeply devoted to your lover?

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Devoted Lover Meaning

As always, we will start by explaining the phrases and providing definitions. Because what really is devoted meaning? How can it be understood? In relationships, devotion is putting the other person first. Selfishness does not have such power when love appears. When we care about someone, we take care of their needs and want our beloved to be happy. That’s what devotion is – doing things for the person we love and trying not to hurt that person.

This applies to different activities, in general devotion affects the whole relationship. The level of devotion shows how we treat the other person when he or she is next to us and when our beloved is not there. This can include different ways of showing love and care. For example, cooking a favorite meal for your partner, supporting them, remembering things that are important to your partner. Devotion is simply a combination of several factors that are important to a relationship.

What is Devotion?

  • Engagement
  • Intimacy
  • Understanding
  • Loyalty
  • Trust

Devotion In A Relationship

You want signs he is devoted to you? A partner who is devoted is one for whom the needs and well-being of their beloved are very important, sometimes even more important than their own needs. Take our quiz and check this. Perhaps you or your partner are insufficiently committed.

Egocentrism and selfishness are understandable states, as they are meant to guarantee our survival. But in a relationship, they can hinder us and cause us to fail to deal with conflict. It is necessary to find a balance in this, of course, because excessive devotion is not advisable either. But we are talking about healthy devotion, which brings benefits. When we enter a relationship, we choose to devote ourselves to something.

Because real, serious relationships are based on mutual work and commitment. If this is missing, the relationship has no chance of surviving. Devotion, therefore, is something worth paying attention to. Perhaps it is the lack of dedication that is the cause of your relationship problems? Find out how to become more dedicated and thus be happier in your relationship.

Healthy Relationship

Do you know all the secrets to creating a healthy relationship where you and your partner have a strong bond? It takes some time and motivation to create a deep relationship. The real love we see in movies does not show us what is most important. Work on the relationship. It is usually the case that a couple falls in love with each other, overcomes adversity to be together, and then lives happily ever after.

However, getting that long and happy is not all that easy, professing love for each other is not enough. So where to start? First you need to ask yourself – do you care about your lover? If you have doubts, then maybe it’s not love. But if you really love him or her, you should care about how your partner feels. Next, you need to know how to make the other person feel good about your relationship and constantly strive for that. That’s what devotion is, the desire to give the other person the best.


Once you get this motivation in you, think about what might be missing in your relationship, what your partner would want from you. Talk to your beloved, honest communication is the best way to solve such problems. Your partner himself/herself will tell you what he/she expects from you. And you probably have your expectations, too. When both of you meet them, you will create something truly remarkable.

A deep relationship is something wonderful, not everyone in life is lucky enough to experience something like this. That’s why it’s worth giving it a go once you find the right person.

Ways to have a happy and devoted relationship

Coping during an argument – what often threatens a relationship is strong emotions during an argument. People often fail to deal with their emotions, get carried away by them and do things under the influence of emotions that they later regret. To avoid this, it is worth learning how to experience arguments in a good and safe way. After all, arguments are an integral part of any relationship, it is impossible not to argue.

Remember that arguments exist because you care about each other. With this in mind, try to resolve every conflict. Don’t focus on winning the discussion, but on solving the problem. Also, always try to remain calm and choose your words carefully. Speak honestly what you feel, but do it with respect for the other person. If emotions are too strong, it’s a good idea to take a break and return to the conflict later.

Gratitude and affection – sometimes in long relationships partners get so used to each other that they forget the most important thing. About constantly showing love to each other. This can be done in different ways, but it is always worthwhile to sincerely confess feelings. Tell your beloved what you like about him or her and appreciate every moment spent with him or her.

Show tenderness, touch, hug and kiss. These small gestures can repair a relationship. They make the other person feel loved and your bond deepens. Try to spend quality time with your beloved as much as possible. Go out on dates, walks, picnics, trips. And be grateful for all this, without being afraid to show it. Let your partner know that you enjoy his or her presence.


Conversation with your partner – as we mentioned, good and healthy communication in a relationship is fundamental. Be honest with each other and talk often about your relationship. Such conversations greatly deepen the bond and increase trust. Talk about your feelings, needs and concerns about the relationship and your life in general. Listen to your partner as well.

When you constantly update your feelings about the relationship, it will be easier for you to achieve what you want – happiness in the relationship. Always acknowledge when your partner does something wrong or hurts you, but remember to do it gently and respectfully.

By constantly exchanging your thoughts, you will be more confident that you are doing the right thing. This applies to all areas of your relationship, which is why healthy communication is so important.

Are You Deeply Devoted to Your Lover?

Now you are ready to take our quiz. You don’t have to worry if you find that there is not enough devotion in your relationship. You can always go back to the tips we described in our article, we hope they will help you. By knowing the cause, you will be able to work on the relationship and make you even happier together. So good luck and all the best wishes from FreeQuizGames!

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What if I feel more committed than my boyfriend?

Talk to him honestly and calmly about your needs, expectations and concerns.

How many questions does this Are You Devoted Quiz have?

Our Quiz has 20 special and unique questions.

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Yes, our Quiz is perfect for couples.

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