How well do you know The Queen’s Gambit?

How well do you know The Queen’s Gambit?

In 2020, we were introduced to the world of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. This show has received so much praise since this time from critics and viewers alike. We head back in time to meet the characters in this unique story, which follows the life of Beth Harmon. Keep reading as we discover more about the series and help you prepare for our quiz today. We’ll be testing your knowledge on the characters and storyline of The Queen’s Gambit, so get ready for a fun and exciting challenge that’s starting soon.

The Queen’s Gambit is a period drama that features a coming-of-age story about Beth Harmon. The main character is played by Anya Taylor-Joy, and Beth is a fictional chess prodigy who is pushing herself to become one of the world’s top players. Unfortunately, she is struggling with dependence on both alcohol and drugs. The storyline is based on the novel of the same name, which was written by Walter Tevis and released in 1983. The title refers to a chess opening, and the series was directed and written by Scott Frank with the help of Allan Scott. It’s set in the middle of the 1950s, but we continue the story into the next decade, following Beth’s adventures and struggles.

The show came to Netflix about a year ago, on October 23, 2020. Within just four weeks, it was the most-watched scripted miniseries. It was soon the top show within 63 countries, and it’s been praised by viewers and critics. The performance of Anya Taylor-Joy was particularly praised, and even the chess community loved the show. It has helped to boost interest in the game of chess, which the players in this community really appreciated. The show won an incredible eleven Primetime Emmy Awards and was the first show on a streaming platform to win the award for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. It also won two Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Focusing on the storyline of the show now, it follows the chess prodigy Elizabeth Harmon. She is hoping to become an elite chess player but is struggling with her addiction to both drugs and alcohol. We first meet Beth at the age of eight years old, where she is living in Lexington, Kentucky. She sadly loses her mother in a car crash and is taken to an orphanage where she is living at the time. Here the custodian teaches her chess, and her passion for the game is ignited. It was common during this time period for orphans to be given daily tranquilizer pills, which helped to keep them feeling balanced. However, this soon becomes an addiction for Beth, and it’s one of the struggles we see her deal with throughout the story.

One of the reasons that Beth thrives as a chess player is due to her strong visualization skills. The story continues as Beth is adopted by Alma and her husband, who are based in Lexington. She continues to adjust to her new life and enters a chess tournament for the first time. While Alma is unsure to begin with, after she sees how talented Beth is, she begins to support her competitive chess interest. Continuing on in the story, we meet new friends and other competitors as Beth continues to rise in the chess world. It’s a fascinating story that’s packed with drama and intrigue. The acting and the sets are incredible throughout the series, so it’s no surprise that it performed so well on Netflix. The theatrical rights have even been given for the book, with it potentially being made into a musical.

How much do you know about The Queen’s Gambit? No matter how many times you’ve watched the series from start to finish, you need to have a go at our The Queen’s Gambit trivia quiz today. We’ve put together 20 questions, all of which will test your knowledge of the characters and story of the show. You need to select one answer each time out of the four potential options we’ve given you to choose from. Let’s see how well you know The Queen’s Gambit, or if you were too distracted by the action that you see in the show to remember the finer details!

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