Which Anime Character Are You? | Free Personality Quiz

Which Anime Character Are You? | Free Personality Quiz

The Japanese style of animation is enjoyed by many throughout the whole world. The distinct aesthetics and unique characters not found anywhere else are what bring Japanese and people of other nations in front of the screens. 

If you are one of them, we have a special treat for you: the ‘Which Anime Character Are You?’ quiz! Answer all 20 questions included in the quiz and discover which popular anime character best matches your personality and lifestyle. We hope you will have a lot of fun!

If you have any anime fans among your friends, make sure to send them this test and compare your results. Will you be the same anime character?

Do legendary Pokemon make you excited? If so, you will enjoy solving this test. Discover which legendary pokemon you would be in the Pokemon universe once and and for all!

What Is Anime?

Anime is an animation style created in Japan. It can be either hand-drawn or computer-generated. Outside Japan, anime is known as an animation which originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. In Japan, however, the word ‘anime’ encompasses all kinds of animated media. It simply means ‘animation’ and is derived from this English word. 

Style Of Anime

The artstyle of anime is distinct, unique, and easily recognizable, despite many forms it can take. The art direction Dragon Ball took is completely different from Mob Psycho or My Hero Academia. When we watch Cowboy Bebop we agree that its style is something out of the ballpark of Chainsaw Man or Samurai Champloo. Despite all of this, we can still say without a doubt: ‘This is anime’. There are enough common denominators to make us feel that we participate in the ‘anime experience’ but at the same time we are often rewarded with creative variety. 

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Distinct Features

The statement that all anime looks the same is still prevalent among older generations, and among those who have seen only a few productions. This is especially the case with the most popular anime, usually shonen, which aim to appeal to the broader audience. Because of that, their style tends to be similar, hence the shallow perspective of this media among some people.

When it comes to defining the style of anime, we face quite a difficult task. However, there are quite a few things which are popular in the industry. One of them is the tendency to draw human proportions closer to reality than other styles of animation. This goes in contrast with the eyes which are usually exceptionally big in size. 

As for the hair, this is one of the most important parts of the character drawing process. Oftentimes, it’s a feature which makes the character easily recognizable and unique. The animation of hair is usually exaggerated and full of visual effects. Hair in anime is also very colorful and often takes unusual shapes. 

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Origins Of Anime

The history of Japanese animation starts in the 20th century. Unofficially, the earliest production considered as anime is Katsudō Shashin, a japanese animation from 1907. It was created by an unknown author and was never published. The true first anime was officially published in 1917. Namakura Gatana, in English known as The Dull Sword, is the oldest anime which survived to this day. 

YouTube video

Great Kantō Earthquake

That being said, there were more older Japanese animation films. Since 1917, the fathers of anime (Jun’ichi Kōuchi, Ōten Shimokawa, and Seitarō Kitayama) had been publishing numerous various productions but sadly, only The Dull Sword was rediscovered. The reason for this was the Great Kantō earthquake in 1923, which destroyed Shimokawa’s warehouse and many films with it.

Rise Of Anime

It wasn’t long until anime became a well-established type of media in Japan. By the mid 1930s, it was an alternative form of entertainment and could compete with the live-action industry. The main struggle for the anime industry at that time was competition with foreign companies, especially Disney. Despite that, thanks to the support of the Japanese government, various authors made great accomplishments which allowed further development of animation techniques.

The next spike in popularity of anime took place in the 1970s and 1980s, when many manga stories were animated. It was then, when Osamu Tezuka, author of Astro Boy, along with other legendary creators laid the foundations for the genres and anime characteristics that are thriving today.

The most notable titles at that time included Gundam, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Fist Of The North Star, Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z, and Space Pirate Captain Harlock, among others. 

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Which Anime Character Are You? Questions And Answers

Do you love to follow the adventures of your favorite anime characters? It’s time to finally find out which one of the most popular anime characters you are! Answer all 20 questions honestly and get your result.

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What Is The Most Popular Anime Of All Time?

The title of the most popular anime of all time belongs to Dragon Ball. Without a doubt, this series is the most recognizable throughout the world, having the status of a legend not only in Japan but also in other countries, especially in Latin America.

Which Anime Is The Oldest?

The first anime ever made is Namakura Gatana which premiered in 1917. The animation was considered lost media and hadn’t been included in the rankings of the oldest anime until 2008 when one of its copies was discovered.

In Which Countries Besides Japan Anime Is The Most Popular?

Anime is very popular in the United States. According to the data, about 72 percent of Americans watch anime which makes them the biggest lovers of anime besides Japan. The second place belongs to the Philippines where 70.5 percent of people enjoy Japanese animations.

What Is America’s Most Cosplayed Anime Character?

The most cosplayed anime character in the United States is Hinata Hyuga, one of the characters from Naruto. The result was based on the number of Instagram cosplay posts.

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