Love Test | This Quiz Predicts 90% Accurately

Love Test | This Quiz Predicts 90% Accurately

Have you ever asked yourself: am I capable of love? Can I feel tenderness and passion? You might be thinking about these things after a bad breakup or a long period of being single. Can a question like that be answered? Start with taking our love test to check if you’re capable of love. This free love quiz will test your love capacity.

Capacity to love

What does it mean to be capable of love? It can be defined as cherishing close relationships with others and being able to care for them. It is also the ability to overcome factors that could harm the relationship. The ability to love and be loved is recognized as an instinctual tendency specific to the human species with profound effects on a person’s health throughout life.

When we talk about love, we don’t always mean romantic relationships. There are many types of love, like familial love, which flows between children and parents. There is also “brotherly love” between true friends. “Eros” is a romantic love displayed through physical affection. We also recognize self-love, which is the ability to recognize your worth and reflect on your needs.

Capacity to love dimensions

Let’s break down the concept of love capacity into several subcategories. These dimensions describe a person’s ability to cultivate love in their relationships.


It means being interested in your partner’s life and what they do and feel. A person who has a high score in this dimension is genuinely curious about the details of their loved one’s existence. They want to know their plans, thoughts, and ideas and to be involved in them. They value communication and having meaningful conversations with their partner. Their relationship is about prioritizing their companion.


Someone with a high trust score trusts they can open up to their partner and share their feelings and needs. They don’t keep secrets from their companion. They believe the other person is looking out for them.

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What does advanced gratitude look like in a person? They feel grateful for their partner’s existence and do what they can to make them feel appreciated and cherished. They are aware that their companion is undeniably essential in helping them feel content in life. They demonstrate their appreciation in a variety of ways, including kind words, mental support, and helping with tasks.


People with high mutuality scores are devoted to working on their relationships and constantly improving them. They respect the key values the other person holds and seek compromises in order for their shared lives to flourish. Their strong bond allows them to discuss things that need to change and express their love freely and frequently.

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Passion in the love capacity context refers to sexual intimacy between partners. A person with a high passion score understands the importance of physical closeness, which is certainly not lacking in their relationship. A person like that cares about their partner’s intimate needs. They talk about sexual matters openly and without shame and are willing to work through any concerns.


Mourning, in that case, doesn’t mean grieving over someone who passed away. It means the ability to process the end of a relationship. How does the person with high mourning score behave? They are mature enough to understand when someone doesn’t love them anymore. They don’t hold grudges toward their ex-partners and don’t feel the need to blame or resent them. You can’t force someone to love you – these people know and understand that.

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Becoming capable of love

If you feel incapable of love (which does not have to be true anyway), there could be many reasons for that. Painful past experiences, rejection, failed relationships, etc., might lead to bitterness, hindered growth, and lack of self-esteem. You don’t believe you are capable of love, and that belief affects your love life. Your relationships are unhealthy and usually end in tears.

We are all capable of love, but sometimes we need to learn it. Like every other skill, being capable of love takes practice. You must become acquainted with yourself, comprehend your true nature, and learn from your mistakes. When you start to love yourself, you attract people who are able to give you the love you deserve. In turn, it makes you capable of devoting your feelings to others in a healthy, sustainable way.

Are you ready for the love test? Discover what kind of partner you are in this capacity to love test. Can you predict your final score?

What is the love test?

This test measures your capacity to experience and cultivate love.

What are the love capacity dimensions?

Interest, trust, gratitude, mutuality, passion, and mourning.

What will this test give me?

Passing this test will make you understand the strengths of your relationship.

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