Which Squid Game Character are you?

Which Squid Game Character are you?

Squid Game has been one of the most successful television shows of 2021. If you’ve found yourself captivated by the story in the past month, you are probably wondering which one of the characters you are most similar to. It’s hard to know how we would react to the situation that the characters are placed in within the contest, but it’s interesting to think about which character we have the most in common with. Keep reading as we get you ready to take our Squid Game personality quiz to find out which character is your perfect match.

In Squid Game, we meet Seong Gi-hun, who is a divorced chauffeur who finds himself in a lot of debt. Along with 455 other players, he is invited to participate in a contest that involves various children’s games. The contest takes place in an unknown location, where he meets the other players who are also struggling with debt. During the game, they are forced to wear green tracksuits and are always watched by the guards in pink jumpsuits. It’s certainly a far removal from the normality of our everyday lives, but it’s an incredible story that has captured the attention of viewers from around the world.

The games in the show are overseen by the Front Man, who is seen wearing a black uniform and black mask. It becomes clear to the players very quickly that their life is at risk in the games, although they could also win a huge grand prize. With each death, more money is added to the prize pot, only continuing to increase the incentive for the remaining players. Gi-hun allies with many of the other players and meets his childhood friend Cho Sang-woo in the game. They have to do their best to try and survive the physically and psychologically challenging games, which contain many unexpected twists and turns along the way.

During our quiz today, you’ll have the chance to match with a variety of the main characters we meet in the show. With hundreds of different players in the contest, there is a large group of characters to meet as the show progresses. Seong Gi-hun is one of the main characters and lives with his mother in order to support his daughter currently. He tries his luck in the game with the aim of settling his debts and gaining custody of his daughter. She is at risk of moving to the United States with her mother and her step-father, which is something he doesn’t want to happen.

We also meet Cho Sang-woo, who is the head of an investment team within a securities company. Earlier in life, he was a gifted student and studied at Seoul National University. However, he is now wanted by the police as he previously stole money from his clients. He has billions of won in debt that needs to be repaid and even mortgaged off his mother’s home to try and help himself out. As you can see, the situation for many of the characters is very desperate, which is why they are happy to enter the Squid Game and try their luck. Hwang Jun-ho is another character we meet along the way. He sneaks into the game thanks to his experience as a police officer, pretending to be a guard with the aim of finding his brother.

The diverse cast of characters has received plenty of praise from viewers of the show, who can’t wait to see how each one of them does throughout the contest. You no doubt have characters you loved and hated when watching the show, and today we can’t wait to see which one you are matched with at the end of our Squid Game personality quiz.

Are you ready to put your personality to the test? We’ll ask you twenty questions that cover your likes, dislikes, and unique personality. Just answer each of the questions honestly to find the perfect character match. There are no right or wrong answers, so we encourage you not to overthink the quiz too much. Go against your friends and family members to see how you all do, and compare your results after. Good luck and have fun!

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