Which Super Mario Character is Your Favorite?

Which Super Mario Character is Your Favorite?

When you think of classic video games that have stood the test of time, there’s no better example of a great game than Super Mario. If you’ve played the game as many times as we have, you’ve probably found your favorite character by now. Today we’ve got a fun and interactive quiz for you, which will help you to identify which of the classic Super Mario characters you are most like. Keep reading as we get you ready for our personality quiz, which you’ll want to share with your friends and family to compare your results.

When you think of Super Mario, you of course will think of the title character Mario. After Mario, we also have Luigi, but as you enjoy different games in the series, you’ll often have the chance to play as different characters. Earlier games in the Super Mario franchise offer an alternating multiplayer mode, where the second player will control Luigi when it’s their time to play. However, in other versions of the game, such as The Lost Levels, Luigi is only available in more challenging versions of the base game. Later games in the series allow you to play with four-player simultaneous play, where you might get to be Peach, Wario, Nabbit, and many of the other fun characters that you get to meet.

Even if you’ve been around since the start of the video game’s life, you’ll find that the newer games always offer you something different to try and fun characters to meet. The characters can be told apart from each other by their unique looks, personality, and special abilities. Super Mario Maker offers you so many more costumes that are different characters, which enhances the gameplay experience even further. Whichever character you play with, the objective of the game is always to progress through the levels without dying. You need to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and collect items while trying to stay alive and safely make it out of the level. The power-up feature is integral to Super Mario and will be found in almost any game.

Within the franchise, there are games in both 2D and 3D. The 2D games feature the character jumping on a platform while trying to avoid enemy attacks and moving through the scrolling screen to the right. They have a single-exit objective, which you need to finish in the time limit in order to get to the next level in the game. In Super Mario Bros. 3, players were introduced to the overworld, which was a map that features nonlinear levels that you can enjoy exploring as you like. Super Mario World offered multiple different exits and new levels.

When it comes to the 3D games in the Super Mario franchise, these can be broken down into two different subgenres. There are both open-world exploration games and then linear 3D games where you will follow a path that’s been predetermined. Some of the games offer the player the chance to explore with 360-degree movement, bringing the world of Super Mario to life more than ever before in front of your eyes. The linear games still have fixed camera angles, and there is a single goal that you’ll have in mind to follow at all times during the game.

Regardless of which character you choose to play as in the game, mushroom power-ups are a key feature that we see throughout the series. They are one of the most iconic parts of the game and could even be considered a character to some players. In almost every game in the series, you’ll see mushroom power-ups, including the Super Mushroom, which helps to increase the size of Mario. This makes him into Super Mario, which is what the game itself is named after. When you have Super Mario as your player, you’ll find that he can break certain blocks and get ahead of the game with ease.

With so many different characters to play as in the game, you are probably wondering which would be the best fit for you when you next play one of the games in the Super Mario series. By completing our 20 question quiz today, we can match you with your perfect Super Mario character to enhance your gaming experience next time. Good luck!

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