How well do you know Bridgerton?

How well do you know Bridgerton?

If you’ve switched on Netflix even once this year, you’ve no doubt seen an advert for Bridgerton. This has been one of the most successful series of all time for the streaming platform, and we can’t wait to test your knowledge of this show today. Before we get into the 20 question quiz, you’ll want to brush up on your knowledge of the characters of the show. Let’s take a look at how this series came to be so popular and some of the main characters we meet during the show.

Bridgerton was based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, which were based in the Regency era in London. Shonda Rhimes produced the series, and this marks her first scripted series with Netflix. Joining her, we had Chris Van Dusen, who also acted as one of the show’s creators. The show first debuted on Christmas Day in 2020, and the first season came with just eight episodes. It received positive reviews and has become a cult favorite show on Netflix. In fact, it received an incredible 82 million household watchers, which makes it the most-watched series on Netflix at the time of its launch. Even to this day, it’s the number two most-watched series on the platform, reaching number one in 76 countries. The series was renewed for a second season in January 2021, and it’s already been announced that a third and fourth season will follow that one.

Bridgerton is based in Regency-era London in the year 1813. It focuses on the Bridgerton family, with the mother Violet, who is the mother to the eight children. She is a widow and looks after her four sons and four daughters. During the series, we also meet the Featheringtons, which are their neighbors. They are Portia and Baron, and their three daughters are Penelope, Philippa, and Prudence. Each episode is narrated by the one and only Julie Andrews, who shares the scandalous news of the city at the time. She knows everything about the city, and even Queen Charlotte is fascinated by her gossip.

In the series, we see Daphne Bridgerton in her first season, where she meets the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett. The Duke is determined not to marry anyone and works with Daphne to help secure her a marriage that’s suitable for her class. One thing that makes this series so different from the books is that it’s set in an alternate history. People of color are members of society and also have titles in the series. It’s been one of the most exciting parts of Bridgerton for many viewers, who appreciate the representation the show has offered. The actors in the show have become household names, and viewers can’t wait to see them reappear in the next series.

Back in 2018, Netflix first announced that Bridgerton would appear on our screens. The author of the books couldn’t believe that Shonda Rhimes was so interested in the series and couldn’t wait to sign up for the show to be produced. It offers a new retake on the period dramas that often grace our screens, with the aim of becoming more topical and relatable to a worldwide audience. As the show was such a resounding success, it’s no surprise that Netflix wanted to renew it immediately. Jess Brownell will be acting as the showrunner and writer for the third and fourth seasons and will replace the current creator Van Dusen in those roles.

How many times have you watched the first season of Bridgerton so far? If the answer is too many to count, then you’ll no doubt do really well on our quiz today. We’ve gathered together 20 unique quiz questions, which test your knowledge of the characters, story, and setting of the show. You just need to think carefully and pick one correct answer for each question out of the four possible answers. Take your time and see how you score against your friends who are also obsessed with the show. We can’t wait to see how you do on the quiz today, and we hope this quiz will help to tide you over until the second series is finally released. It’s an exciting time for Bridgerton fans, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the show!

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