Which Marvel character are you?

Which Marvel character are you?

Hello again! How are you doing? You must be wondering what we are taking into account today! That is Marvel time! Based on your answers, we will find out which Marvel character you are!
I know that adult life is so time absorbing. I cannot even remember when was my last movie night! That is why I am going to remind you of the most popular movies and facts about Marvel. Are you ready?! Take a seat and enjoy your time.
At first, we are going back to 1997, when Marvel Studio started movies production. They started in the XX century. One of their first productions was X-men, which was based on their comics. I am sure that all 90s kids are fans of this one. It says about a group of guys with supernatural skills. They suffer from their abnormal nature. They work together and learn how to use their powers. Unfortunately, some of the mutants start to think of fighting against humans. That is why they fight against each other. The fights look very professional and it is also because some of the actors worked out for a long time to get used to the movement of their characters. It was breathtaking to see all the effects after only imagining them when reading the comics.
Marvel movie that always brings a smile to my face is The Amazing Spiderman from 2012. I lived in a small town, and I remember taking all of my young cousins to the nearest cinema. That was a day to remember! It is not only a nice family day flashback, but it is also such a great movie! We see the same story but told in a very different- modern way. Peter Parker that we see is played by handsome Andrew Garfield. He studies at high school, and he seems to be an ordinary teenager dealing with everyday life. Of course, he has got the unnatural power that he gets from a spider. Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of Marvel (others are Ironman and Captain America, you will read about them in a second), but did you know the story is the youngest of them? This year, the character turns 60 years! Spider-Man was introduced in August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy. After that, Marvel has done 9 Spiderman movies. The number of Peter Parker’s fans is impossible to count, that’s why we already have the announcement saying that there will be three more Spiderman movies shortly.
As mentioned before, Captain America is another very popular Marvel superhero. Like most of the stories, it bases on comics. We meet Steven “Steve” Rogers in many adaptations from comics and movies. The first time we can see him on a screen is the American series from 1944. It debuted in cinema in 1990. It always amazes me how much effort the actors put get ready for their roles. For example, Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky, watched multiple second World War movies and series. Hayley Atwell was working out six days a week to prepare for her role. Would you be ready for such an engagement? If I should be honest: I cannot imagine changing all my habits to understand the character’s perspective. That is why I have a lot of respect for them.
Someone that always should get respect is the superhero’s sidekick! Can you imagine the mess without them?! Many Marvel superheroes have their sidekicks, but not many people know that. They do not appear all the time, in all movies or episodes, so if you know them, you must be a true Marvel fan. Ones of the less known are Alpha (Spider-Man), Lockheed (X-Men), James Rhodes (Iron Man). Some of the superheroes had more than one sidekick. That happens, for example, for Captain America. His first sidekick was Bucky, but a better one was Falcon. He was just an ordinary guy that wanted to save his neighborhood. He got a flight harness, and he did everything to support Captain America and change the world to a better place. There is also a sidekick that worked with more than one superhero! Yes, we are talking about Rick Jones. Even without any superpowers, he was able to help Hulk, Captain America, and Captain Marvel.
The last superhero we have to mention is Hulk. It first appeared in comics in 1962 then The Hulk appeared in cinema in 2003. In this story, we meet Doctor Bruce Banner- a young physicist that is working on gamma radiation.
The time is up! Let’s check out which Marvel character you are. After answering these 20 questions, you will see if you are Hulk, Captain America, or Spider-Man. Now, there is nothing more to say than to invite you to solve our quiz. I wish you good luck, and I hope you will have fun!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

Which character can you be from Marvel?

Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, or Iron Man

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