Ever Wondered if You Have Autism?

Ever Wondered if You Have Autism?

Hello everyone. Is your day going fine? I’m glad if everything is alright. In case you’re having a bad day, I’m here for you. Remember that you are such a great person. Perhaps sometimes you feel that you are bringing nothing good to this world… But think about it. Remember when you tried to cheer that girl up? It was one of her most difficult days then. You gave her strength, and she smiled. She was grateful that you showed your interest. Or maybe an old lady to whom you have done a favor? Her children do not come to visit her. You made her happy because she felt taken care of. Or the gentleman who ran out of change in the shop. Do you remember him? You helped him, and he thanked you with tears in his eyes. Several people that day showed him disrespect. You helped him restore his faith in goodness. Those people had a way better day because of you. Do you still believe that you are bringing nothing to this world? Small gestures that may seem nothing special to you could be a rescue for someone else. You’re really precious.

One more conclusion emerges from the stories I have described above. We should never judge anyone. We don’t know what they struggle with and what kind of battles they fight daily. We have no idea what they’ve been through. There may be a smile on the outside and despair in the heart. It is so important to show interest and let go of criticism. When we let someone feel that they are worthless for some reason, it may turn out to be a knife to their heart. Why are we talking about this? Because today we will reflect on autistic, emotional, and other disorders. People who struggle with them sometimes face painful comments that result from ignorance or malice. They often experience enormous emotional suffering because of their problem. They also often feel on the side of society. They may think that they do not fit, different than everyone else, or even worse… You can’t see all of this outside, right? If we see someone behaving atypically, it would be highly inappropriate and painful to mock or taunt them. Dear readers, it is crucial to approach others with kindness and a warm heart, right?

Do you know what autism is? It is a highly variable neurodevelopmental disorder involving problems with communication, interaction with the outside world, and restricted and repetitive behavior. The first symptoms of this disorder can be noticed very early: if the child up to six months does not respond to its name or does not make eye contact, does not babble to 12 months, does not make any words by 16 months, does not make phrases by 24 months. Additionally, at any age, autism can manifest itself, in different severity, as a loss of any language or social skills. Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism. However, with proper therapy, care, and suitable medication, an autistic person can make progress in development. Still, there’s a great variety of spectrum among autistic individuals. Some are severely impaired, and others may be just slightly different from healthy individuals. They may have active but distinctly odd social approaches, unusual, pedantic communication, and above-average abilities. Unfortunately, between one-third and a half of autistic people do not develop the communication necessary to communicate with others.

Autistic individuals have different behavior related to this disorder. They may show repetitive movements and time-consuming actions intended to reduce anxiety. Resistance to change, ritualistic behavior, restricted and very intense interests, self-injury are also present in the life of many. Autistic people are not limited in any way. They just think in a completely different way than everyone. They may, for example, look at the hand instead of what it is pointing to. It doesn’t make them worse. They are unique. In fact, most of us may have autistic features, but we just don’t realize it. Sometimes we may even have high-functioning autism, a mild form of it, and not even know it.

Have you ever wondered if you might have autism? If this question bothers you, you’ve come to the right place. Today we have prepared a quiz that contains questions that can lead you to the answer. We collected them and prepared them carefully. Of course, this test is not a diagnosis. Don’t take the result as a fact. If you are worried about anything, we encourage you to talk to a therapist. They really want to help you and save you from suffering. This quiz aims to draw attention and deepen the public’s understanding of the disorder. We also earnestly wish to inspire everyone to spread goodness everywhere. We want people who are different in some way to feel good among us. Let us treat everyone kindly, dear ones!

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