What type of pizza are you?

What type of pizza are you?

Hello there guys! How are you? Is everything alright? Are you ready for a new quiz? Today we’ll be talking about the world’s favorite food – pizza! Who doesn’t like it, huh? We all love that melted cheesy cheese with perfectly spiced tomato sauce and deliciously browned dough… Ahh, I must have been daydreaming… Anyways, let’s dig deeper to discover the history of this famous dish. I promise that I’ll give you fun facts as well. So brace yourselves because we will set off on a delicious journey back in time…

Everyone thinks that pizza has its origin in Italy. However, its history starts from ancient history and different cultures. It all began by Greeks to the Egyptians, carried forward by Persians to Indians. At first, they were producing flatbreads with toppings. The word pizza was first used probably in 997 AD in Gaeta. At that time, it was eaten only in Italy. Its precursor was focaccia. A dish similar in texture but without toppings. What’s interesting, at first, pizza was sold on the street by vendors. It was topped with garlic, lard, and salt but sometimes with caciocavallo (cheese made from horse milk) or basil. When it comes to tomato sauce, it was not that easy. Tomatoes are not native Italian plants. They aren’t even from Europe. They originated in Southern America and reached Italy in the 16th century.

Paradoxically, pizza didn’t have a good reputation at first. It was food for lazzaroni (the lowest social group). Opinions about pizza started to change only after quite a fascinating event. One day in the 19th century, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples and tried a few types of pizza. The queen especially liked the one with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, so it was named in her honor. After that, pizza began to be appreciated and considered a legitimate Italian dish. The legend even says that the Italian flag was based on pizza! Green from basil, white from white cheese, and red from tomatoes. It only shows the importance of pizza in Italian history.

Of course, pizza is not popular only in Italy, nowadays it is famous worldwide. So it has got a history also in different countries such as the US. Its birth took place when Italian immigrants came to New York. The first pizzeria was opened in 1905. It gave us the introduction of New York Pizza style. Making it involves using coal, an oven, and a thin crust. After that, the pizza made its way to New Jersey thanks to Joe’s Tomato Pies opened in 1910 and Papa’s Tomato Pies opened in 1912. Later on, in 1939, The D’Amore family introduced pizza to Los Angeles. Pizza consumption increased rapidly when Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s chains were established. Fun fact about pizza in the US: Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices per second. They seem to be crazy about it!

We must mention Canadian-style pizza here as well because it is really intriguing. The first pizzeria in Canada was opened quite late –  in 1948. Since then, many variations of this Italian delicacy have been created. The most distinct type is “Canadian” pizza. The ingredients include tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and bacon. In Quebec, Pizza-ghetti became a popular variation as well. It consists of sliced in half pizza and a portion of spaghetti. You can even find a variant with spaghetti on top of the pizza, just above the mozzarella layer. These two dishes are landmarks of Italian cuisine but combining them is unknown in Italy.

Alright, enough when it comes to history. Now, let’s talk about the pizza we know today. Pizza has evolved a lot since when it was gaining popularity in Italy. Today you can find many different styles of this dish. Some are totally different from the traditional pizza, but some still strictly follow the recipe. What variations are the most popular? First of all – cheese pizza. It may be shocking to some but not surprising to others. In this case, tradition wins. We also love pizza with veggies or pepperoni. For a more hearty meal, you can choose meat pizza. The landmark of Italy – Margherita – is still beloved worldwide.

What’s your favorite pizza? Which topping do you choose the most often? These questions might seem a little bit too simple, right? Today we would like to help you answer the one which is way more complex. What kind of pizza do you resemble based on your personality? We prepared our 20 questions as carefully as a chef prepares a pizza for a one-star Michelin restaurant. By answering them, you can get to know your pizza-soulmate. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Do not hesitate and answer them all to meet your perfect pizza! Who knows, maybe it will be a beginning of a beautiful relationship…

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