What’s Your Spirit Slime

What’s Your Spirit Slime

Hello! If you’re here, then probably you also let the slimes trend flood you. We all love that sticky, undefined mass that can become every shape. The best thing about slimes is that you can put many little beautiful things there and it will both please the hands and eyes. Beads? Yes. Glitter? Surely! Little charms? Cute! Squishies? Definitely! What about make-up and nail polish? Many YouTubers showed us that you can! All you need is some products and one big colorful imagination. What is also great about them? That there are so many kinds! Probably an infinite amount! The types of slimes will end when all the people in the world run out of ideas. And that is impossible! This is why we can see a diversity of those sticky things! They are rather effortless to make, so many people are occupied by creating daily. What a unique way of letting out your creativity!

What actually is a slime? It is a super-sticky liquid that has Non-Newtonian properties. What does it mean? That this fluid does not obey hydrodynamic law. It sounds too hard, right? So basically, we can say it is a creative toy characterized by flexibility and extensibility. Because of its simple idea, you can creatively invent many ways of playing with it. You can find slimes of different densities, shapes, colors, and addons. Most of them are moist and soft, but some may be fluffy, foam-like, crunchy, or even buttery! There are many types of them and, probably the amount of them will be still increasing. Slimes are known notably among children. They can help develop sensory perception and hand-eye coordination, as well as concentration and focus. Many people also use them to trigger ASMR. The texture combined with various sounds caused by playing with them can have a relaxing effect on many. Playing with this pleasant mass can relax and de-stress you. And precisely that is why we love them!

Slimes have a history that goes back to 1976. Then American company Mattel put it on the market. It was bright green and sold in little buckets. Later, different producers changed guar gum to substances based on polyvinyl alcohol when making their own versions. Slimes were a success. Many companies began producing them and, they still do even today. There are muffin-shaped slimes, transparent or even metallic ones. We can buy very different kinds from various producers, but most people prefer making them themselves. That is the real fun, right? It is also safer because then we decide what we put there. Scientists found out that some store-bought slimes can cause negative consequences on physical health. It has been discovered that sometimes these toys contain too much bohrium. It can cause allergic reactions and irritation.

But, how to make slimes? There are precise recipes on the internet, so check it yourself. However, the main ingredients are always water, glue, and solution for contact lenses with baking soda or borax solution. For example, there are fluffy slime recipes on many websites. This kind of slime is a bit harder to stretch than the traditional one and, the dents you make on it will last more because of its structure. Unfortunately, the fluffiness does not stay for more than a day. This kind of slime is made exactly like the traditional ones, but with shaving cream. Firstly you need white glue, then water, shaving cream, and contact solution at last. You can add food colorings to make it more fun. To transform it into the final structure, you need to knead the mass. And boom! Ready! Pretty easy, huh? How about a transparent slime? This is the one many people want to do. To be more accurate, they are crazy about a clear version. To do it, you need clear glue this time, water, and borax powder. However, remember to check what brands of these products people recommend because some do not work. So this is how simple it is to make slimes. Just find the recipe for your desired slime and decorate it in your own way. Add whatever you please and have fun! Stretch it, form it or make sculptures. If you invent something worth sharing, show it to the world! People are still into slimes. Often literally.

We can find our reflections in everything in this world. What about slimes? Of course, you can do it as well! There are as many types of them as types of people, so you can be sure you can find your slime-form soulmate. Thanks to our quiz, it is as easy as ever. We carefully selected our questions to show you your real slime form. Just tell us something about your life and your likings and see what kind of slime you would be as a slimy counterpart!

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