What kind of Huggy Wuggy would you become?

What kind of Huggy Wuggy would you become?

Have you played our Poppy Playtime quiz already? If not, quickly go check it out! We would like to present you with a personality quiz about one character from this game. What kind of Huggy Wuggy are you? You can see for yourself… But first, if you’re not very familiar with this game, let me tell you more about it and our main character.

Poppy Playtime was released a few months ago. It quickly gained enormous recognition. What is it all about? Well… Playtime Co. was the most popular among all toy factories, and it was receiving widespread attention among children. Until suddenly the whole staff just disappeared in the process. What happened, and what is the truth about Playtime Co.? After 10 years of that bizarre event, you receive a mysterious envelope with a VHS tape inside. The sticker on the tape says ‘Vintage Poppy Commercial’. You think it’s weird, but what is even more peculiar is the letter itself. It says: “Everyone thinks the staff disappeared 10 years ago. Wer’e still here. Find the flower”. That message leaves you speechless because you have wondered about the factory since you stopped working there. The atmosphere was always dense and, for some reason – creepy. The sudden letter left you in shock. What’s more, these characters look like they were written with a crayon by a little child. There’s also a typo… Isn’t it strange? Is it possible that it was written by a full-grown human? Your gaze shifts at the VHS tape. You put it into the old VHS player. You know this clip very well. It is an ad about Playtime Co.’s first product that gave the company its widespread recognition – the Poppy Playtime doll. It looks normal until the last few seconds… There you see disturbing scenes that were not there before. Definitely. A Poppy flower in the abandoned building? Who could have filmed it if the factory stood there deserted for many years? Who edited the new scenes and, why would someone do it? All of it seems suspicious to you, but your curiosity is more powerful than your common sense. You are heading there no matter the nighttime. You need to know what is going on.

When you get there, you can see that the factory looks like it was left a while ago, not many years earlier. Electricity still works in many places, TVs and machines are still ready to function. Even the train in the nearby room is still running. But… Something is odd. It does not feel like an abandoned place… It is quiet, but not like no one is present. It is quiet, but like if someone was there hiding and following your every step… You could have sworn you could hear breathing. But still, no one is visible in your sight. The whole mood makes you shiver, yet you decide to move forward. You can hear how the building is working. Occasional crackling and banging are pretty ordinary in a factory. At least, that is what you are trying to convince yourself to believe. Putting aside that dreadful aura and bloodcurdling noises anything else looks normal. You almost succeeded at calming yourself down when you noticed a familiar blue arm… You shudder uncontrollably. Huggy should not be here… He was always in his hall… Not a second passed when you realized that large staring eyes peek at you from above. That view of a wide mouth with rows of sharp shining teeth will be etched on your mind forever. If only you survive it. A drop of saliva on your face is a sign of the creature being ready to devour you… How will it end in your case?

That was the main star of our show! But you may ask: what is that creature and, who is Huggy? Let me explain. Huggy Wuggy is a frighteningly tall and bony figure around 3 meters in height. He is completely covered with blue fur on his entire body and some yellow hair on his hands and feet. His misleading smiley mouth hides sharp fangs that give the creeps to pretty much everyone. He is aggressive to humans and will do everything only to get his hands on you. You can personally meet his dear presence in Poppy Playtime.

What kind of Huggy Wuggy would you become with your unique personality? How would you act? What would be your reaction to a human in the factory? What would be your true intentions and desires? You can find it out by answering 20 questions in our quiz. We carefully selected them for you to find your Huggy form. Quickly answer all the questions and see for yourself what it would be like if you played the role of Huggy. Are you brave enough to check it?

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