How many kids do you want to have?

How many kids do you want to have?

Having children is a huge decision for both men and women around the world. While this decision is sometimes out of our hands, it’s always fun to think ahead in life and see how many children we might have further down the line. Today our quiz will put your personality traits to the test to see how many children would be the perfect fit for your life in the future. It’s a fun way to think about how your life might be and start planning your dream life out starting right now.

The attitude towards having children has changed dramatically over the years. In fact, the number of children that women around the world are having has reduced dramatically over the past few decades. Throughout history, the average number of children for women was often five, but this has reduced a lot recently. Just twenty years ago, this statistic was true for women in the UK, US, Russia, China, and India, but now it’s common for parents in these parts of the world to have just one or no children.

Another huge change in recent times is that women prefer to have children later on in life. Instead of having children in their early 20s, women are happy to delay this major life event until their 40s. Globally, the average number of children a woman has is 2.5 children, and part of this is due to the global fertility rate. This has fallen very quickly over the past decades and can be devastating for women around the world. On top of that, many women are opting to focus on their career and personal life earlier on in life. Instead of finding a partner in their 20s, many women don’t get married until age 35 or older. This offers them the chance to succeed in their career and set themselves and their families up for success financially later on in life.

Having children isn’t a decision that anyone should rush, and you’ll find that many people are still unsure about how many children they should have. While it’s always fun to dream up an imaginary life in your head, as you get older, reality sets in, and the thought of having multiple children can often be overwhelming. Children are a huge responsibility financially and emotionally, and most parents want to wait a little longer to ensure they can offer their family the best life possible. By delaying this decision, parents are able to give their children the best education possible and offer them experiences they might not have been able to earlier on in life. Of course, for some women, they are desperate to have children as soon as possible, and this life calling doesn’t go away no matter how long they wait.

For many people, they decide to wait until after marriage to have children, but this trend has also changed in recent years. Many couples aren’t willing to go through with the expense and commitment of marriage and feel comfortable enough in their relationship to welcome children before marriage. A lot of people have different priorities and interests now, and this is clearly changing the way in which we think about having children. As well, many women are willing to go through this challenge alone if they are unable to find a partner they want to have children with. This is a great change that’s come in recent years and one we expect more women to take advantage of as time goes on.

Are you ready to find out how many children you will have in the future? Our quiz today is all fun and games, and you’ll enjoy learning how many children you could potentially have in the future. We’ll put you through a series of twenty questions, which are all related to your feelings towards life and having children. Our calculator will then be able to tell us how many children you’ll have in the future, thanks to the wonders of technology. You’ll soon find out your answer and can start planning out your dream life in your head. Good luck, and enjoy taking part in our quiz today!

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