Can You Answer these Random Food Questions?

Can You Answer these Random Food Questions?

Food is something we all need to survive. While we are all used to the typical meals we eat every day, some of us love to experiment with our meals and try out new foods from around the world. Our quiz today will test your knowledge about some of the most unique food items in the world and will encourage you to push yourself to new limits when it comes to trying different foods and drinks in the future.

As you can imagine, the food we eat today is nothing like the food of the past. In the past, cereals were the staple of diets in the Middle Ages. While barley, oats, and rye were eaten by the poorer people at this time, others ate bread, porridge, and gruel. Vegetables and beans were still consumed at this time, as they offered some much-needed vitamins and minerals to the otherwise quite bland diets of the time. Meat was consumed back then, but land was needed in order to produce meat. Food was heavily regulated by the seasons and geography, and even religious restrictions played a huge part in the diet of the time. Ovens didn’t exist in the past, so cooking took place on an open fire or a spit. Food was much more simple back in the day but has continued to develop over time.

While you may be surprised to learn this, alcohol has been around much longer than you might expect. Fermentation, which is used to create many of the most popular drinks today, is an ancient practice that has been used throughout history to create alcohol and have a good time. Learning to preserve food and use ingredients in different ways is what has pushed food production to the levels it’s at now and ensures that food isn’t wasted just due to changing seasons and its short shelf life.

The way in which food varies around the world is primarily due to seasonings and spices. In certain cultures, they heavily spice foods in order to give them a very distinctive taste that’s unique to that culture. Even the plainest foods, like rice or pasta, come to life with delicious sauces and spices. Salt and pepper are two of the most basic seasonings but are often used in everyday cooking to bring out the taste in any dish. It also preserves food, and salt was used in the past to ensure food didn’t go to waste too soon.

Produce is extremely perishable, which means it’s not very profitable and easy to transport around the world. Our diet today primarily focuses on food that we can grow, catch, or kill, but this is causing havoc for the planet around us. On top of the environmental concerns, there are lots of issues with our modern diets. Obesity and heart disease are only on the rise each year, and we need to keep an eye on our diets to look after our bodies. Globally, sixty percent of calories that are consumed come from rice, maize, and wheat, and in certain parts of the world, these foods make up the majority of each meal. While we have a huge surplus of some foods, the lack of diversity means it’s not very sustainable for the future.

Companies and individuals nowadays are looking for more sustainable options for the future. For both our health and the world around us, it’s so important for us to learn where our food is coming from and ensure we are putting healthy and nutritious food into our bodies. While it’s fun to treat ourselves from time to time, a varied and fresh diet is the best way to go.

Today we’ve put together a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the most popular foods in the world. You may be surprised by who the world’s top producers and consumers of certain types of foods are, and we hope you learn a few new fun facts during our trivia quiz. Put your family against each other to see who knows some of the unique trivia facts in our quiz and see who scores the highest. Good luck, and make sure you reward yourself with a delicious meal following our food quiz today!

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