Do I Have Depression?

Do I Have Depression?

Hello guys! How are you? Is everything alright? These days we often ask each other these questions, right? But do we always mean it when we ask? Do we always answer honestly? Today we’re going to focus on our mental health. I am here to remind you to love yourself and put your well-being first! Recently, many of us have had a difficult time. We suffer inside and often pretend everything is okay. Do you feel this way too? Do you think life has lost its meaning and that you are drowning in hopelessness? Have you stopped enjoying your interests? If you’re sure this is about you, don’t worry, I haven’t spied on you. Quite simply, depression is the most common disorder of the 21st century. Many people do experience these feelings every day. Approximately 350 million people worldwide struggle with this disorder. However, many individuals are unaware of it, and others do not admit it. This number can therefore be much higher.

So what is depression anyway? It is a mental and behavioral disorder that affects every aspect of one’s life: thoughts, behavior, motivation, feelings, and sense of well-being. People suffering from this disorder cease to feel joy in life. Instead, they are overwhelmed by a devastating feeling of gloom, nonsense, and hopelessness. This state takes away our interest in anything and often puts us to bed. We lose our will to live, and we do not have the strength to make an effort. It is even harder and harder to perform simple tasks such as personal hygiene. Even getting up in the morning is a huge challenge. Negative thoughts about ourselves begin to creep into our heads also. We feel that we are failing and that we are useless. These thoughts can go black and start taking the form of suicidal thoughts. It is time to act because depression is a disorder that knows no mercy.

It is impossible to show all the causes of depression right now. It is enough to be present in reality and be absorbed by the surrounding atmosphere. Problems, natural disasters, the moral decay of humanity, loneliness, death, diseases, even school… These are all factors that cause people to be depressed. People lose sight of their purpose and experience plenty of negative, painful emotions. They also often feel lonely because they don’t have any trusted person to talk to. Plus, depression is still a taboo topic in many places. Family members often do not understand the behavior of their depressed loved one and often inflict additional pain by saying something ill-considered. It is necessary to learn from reliable sources and talk patiently and calmly with our loved one who suffers. Such a person needs a great deal of warmth and love from others to fight this problem. If we show interest and our support, it will surely help. Find out what not to tell such a person. Pieces of advice such as “go for a run” or “do not be sad, others have it worse” will be deeply hurtful and inappropriate.

If you feel depressed and the leading emotions you experience are dejection and emptiness, then know that there is a way out of this. Some of us live in suffering for so long that it has become their reality, their new normality. But remember, you deserve to be healthy and happy. You can get out of it and feel the joy again. Remember, we are all with you! We are all fighting a similar battle. It is a battle for peace and happiness. Please know that if you feel unwell, asking for help will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Take care and show yourself some love. You deserve it. Talk to a trusted therapist, and you will feel some of the weight drop off your shoulders. A good therapist can help you choose suitable medications. They will also help you find the cause of the problem and the right move towards better days.

If you suffer from depression, remember that you are not alone in this. You can count on support. If not from your relatives, then certainly from a good therapist. Sometimes it may take a while to find them, but feeling better is well worth it. If you know someone who is depressed, why not visit them? A nice gesture, a kind attitude, and just your presence are a great support. Such a person may often feel that there is nothing they can offer to others. Try to show them that they’re wrong. Reassure them of your warm thoughts. They need it.

Have you ever wondered if you have depression? Answering the questions in this quiz may help you to resolve the matter. Remember that this test is not a diagnosis. It can only suggest what to look for when it comes to your well-being. Talk to your therapist to identify the problem. Please take care of yourself and remember to show love to yourself too. If you are going through a difficult time, tell someone about it. There is only one life. We love you. See you in the next quiz.

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