Use Your Personality to Determine Your Baby’s Name

Use Your Personality to Determine Your Baby’s Name

Hey there, my dear readers! In today’s text, we will focus on names. How will your baby be called? From where can ideas be taken? We will talk about it and show you some interesting facts. Maybe I’ll inspire you to find that perfect name, huh? I’ll try my best, I promise. So, let’s see…

Choosing a name for a pet or character in the game can be troublesome, even though you can even take an absurd word that was never used before. What about finding a name for your baby? It cannot be too popular because there will always be five other people in their surroundings, with the same name. However, it also cannot be too rare because the adults will look at us with disgust. How do you find the perfect name? It is quite a challenge. But let’s look at the culture of naming in different parts of the world.

Every year in the USA, different baby names reach their peak of popularity. In fact, it often happens that a name suddenly becomes popular, and quickly after, it is completely forgotten and not used anymore. Why is that? Well, it’s because people like to be inspired by the songs that hit the music market or their favorite bestselling books or movies. Research has shown that a link has indeed been found between these situations. An example that comes to mind is Toto’s song “Rosanna”. After its release, the name ‘Rosanna’ jumped on the lists of the most frequent names given to children. But it’s not just pop culture that shapes America’s inspiration. Over the years, people have also drawn ideas from the Bible. You can meet many people named Simeon, Joseph or Samuel. Other common names are derived from moral attributes such as Faith, Hope, and Mercy. It also happens that the parents decide to take a name of a politician for their baby. After Ronald Reagan became president in the 80s, people started calling their children by his surname. Today, Americans more often choose unusual and unique names, so they are less influenced by outside inspiration. They take the time and focus on finding that perfect one.

In China, people have a name that is three characters long. As the Chinese alphabet consists of thousands of characters, it’s hard to find people called the same way. The tradition of naming babies is absolutely amazing. Each sign of the name signifies some trait of a child, something important to its parents, or describes the Earth’s beauty. Isn’t it amazing to call ourselves with words that accurately describe us or have a close connection with us exactly? Wouldn’t it be great to be named after some beautiful element of the natural world? For example, ‘映月’ or ‘Ying Yue’ means ‘reflection of the moon’. I think it’s such a graceful naming culture. I would feel beautiful just hearing my name!

A completely different naming culture is present in India. Much depends on the region because each of them has a contrasting system. For example, in Gujarati, the first name is given first, then the father’s first name, and finally last name. But in Mayala, it looks like this: village name, father’s name, personal name. Regardless of the location, however, almost every name has a specific meaning attached to the individual. Many people know the meaning of their own very well and attach great importance to it. It is also natural to give children a name based on horoscopes provided by an astrologer. They determine the sound it should begin with, and then the family chooses a name that starts with that sound. Some also give themselves an additional religious one when they become part of the Sikh community. Women are then called ‘Kaur’, which means ‘Princess’, and men are called ‘Singh’ – ‘Lion’. This is very fascinating.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a name for your baby. What will the potential nicknames sound like? What is the meaning of this name? Where does it come from? Is it not offensive in some way? Isn’t it too extravagant? Is it not too popular? Should it be unique? Will this name also sound good for an adult? There are lots of such questions that are worth considering. The name is a crucial part of the personality. It will also be associated with us throughout our entire life. Remember that each of us hears it many times every day. It should be pleasant to sound and bring positive associations.

Have you ever wondered what the name of your baby will be? Even if so, check out our quiz. We will tell you how it should be named based on your choices. Answer twenty questions and check what we have prepared for you. Have fun, and don’t take it seriously!

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