Which Squishmallow Are You?

Which Squishmallow Are You?

Are you in the mood to cuddle a soft, squishy toy? Then the Squishmallows will be great for you! These cute plushies come in a variety of colors, sizes, and animals. I wonder how many you have! Have you ever thought about your Squishmallows’ personalities? After all, every Squishie is unique. For example, Barb is a talented yet humble gymnast! Which Squishmallow are you? Find out with our quiz.

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What is a Squishmallow?

What is a Squishmallow? It’s a brand of stuffed toys made of soft materials, ranging in sizes from 2-inches tinies to 24-inches cuddle buddies. The Kelly Toys company started the line in 2017.

Jonathan Kelly

The founder, Jonathan Kelly, felt inspired by his visit to Japan and the variety of adorable plush toys there. Kelly and his team worked to create a “cute, soft, kawaii” plushie similar to Japanese toys.

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Squishmallows popularity

Squishmallows gained immense popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic through social media like TikTok. Each one has a unique characteristic and its own name on the hangtag.

Squishmallow Rarity Scale

Did you hear about the Squishmallow Rarity Scale? These special squishes come in a limited quantity. The rare tag on a toy means there are only seventy-five thousands of these Squishmallows in the world. Which Squishmallow is the rarest? Here is the list of some of the rarest Squishmallows in the world!

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Fania the Purple Owl is an owl-type animal with the collector number 773. She is a purple Squishie who loves fairytales, bedtime stories, stories about Princesses, Wicked Witches, and whatnot. If you like to fall asleep to a good bedtime story, Fania will be a great companion for you!

Fania is the only owl among Squishmallows who has closed eyes. The only owl who looks like her is the pink owl Bri, but she has opened eyes and a plain cloth crown (Fania has a pink one).


Dragons can be scary, but Dakota the Dragon is too cute to be frightening! She’s the pastry chef who enjoys making dragon pies. If you stick around long enough, Dakota might invite you to her pastry shop. The 2021 model comes with a few upgrades: the fabric has a shimmery double-heart embroidery.

Willy the Wolf is the Squishie who isn’t scared of thunderstorms. You can cuddle him when you feel afraid during a storm. Willy wants to be a weatherman. He also enjoys collecting bowties, especially weather prints. Willy is a purebred wolf, while his counterpart Wade is a two-toned brown werewolf.


Ben the Deal Dino is a dinosaur with the collector number 69. He belongs to the Rare Giant edition. Ben will be a fitting companion for every bookworm. He’s a walking encyclopedia with knowledge on any topic imaginable. Every trivia quiz will be a piece of cake with Ben.

Ben has a friend in the Valentine Squad named Anna who is pink and has two embroidered XOs and a pink heart on her tummy.


Lucille the Seal loves water and going on a dive. Lucille always finds interesting new creatures and gems during her journeys. She has an amazing rock collection!

Philippe the Frog is known to be full of love message carriers. Because he’s a member of the Valentine squad, Philippe has pink cheek patches in the shape of hearts. Him and Marco the Hedgehog like to play Hopscotch together.

Avery the Mallard is a duck Squishmallow. He has a bright green mallard head, tan tummy, brown body, black eyes, and yellow beak. Avery is a rugby player. You can practice throws with him and share popsicles after the game.

Santino the Platypus is, of course, a platypus. Do you like blueberry pancakes? You’re in luck because Santino makes the best blueberry pancakes! His dad taught him the tastiest recipe. He loves to play soccer with his friends and would like to become a professional goalie one day.

Jack the Black Cat

Jack the Black Cat belongs to the anniversary Select Series. He’s one of the rarest plushies. Jack has white closed eyes, white whiskers, and a pink mouth. He’s a reliable friend who is always ready to defend his buddies and lend you a hand when you need it.


Chanel is a Squishmallow that is named after the well-known perfume. She’s a fancy kind of cinnamon roll who loves being sweet and generous. Chanel is a pastry chef who, in her free time, volunteers at the local food pantry and teaches cake baking and decorating classes.

Belana the Cow is one of the newest additions to the Squishmallow collection. She is a part of the Easter Squad. Belana is creative and interested in art. She has a brother Ronnie, and the two are a great duo, with Ronnie making furniture and Belana painting it.

Sheldon the Blue Seahorse wanted to be a Jellyfish but found himself a Seahorse instead. Have you ever longed to be someone else? You might find a suitable companion in Sheldon.

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So, which Squishmallow are you?

Which Squishmallow are you? All you have to do to find your adorable character match is to answer a few questions! Have fun!

How much does the rarest Squishmallow cost?

Santino the Platypus is one of the rarest Squishmallows, often reaching the price of 1500$.

What Squishmallows can you get on the test?

Dexter the Dragon, Esmeralda the Rainbow Unicorn, Archie the Axolotl, Wendy the Frog, Jack the Black Cat, Caedyn the Cow, Ben the Dinosaur

Which Squishmallow has anxiety?

Stacy the Squid is the blue Squishmallow who is a little shy and nervous. She likes to be by herself and enjoys reading books. Stacy is quiet at first, but very friendly when you get to know her.

Which Squishmallow likes to play soccer?

Marco the Hedgehog is a pink Squishmallow who enjoys soccer and other games, such as Marco Polo. He likes playing with his friends.

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