Which Disney character are you?

Which Disney character are you?

Hey! Hi! Hello! Are there any Disney lovers among us? I guess so! So you must be wondering what the plan for today is. Any ideas? Ok! This time I am getting you again to your favorite world- the world of Disney! I am going to check which Disney character you are. No matter what is going to be the result, I am sure you will like it! Well, everyone loves Disney characters, isn’t it right? Now let’s move to the description of the characters we are talking about this time.

I would not be myself if I did not put Mulan here. She is my very favorite character of all time! She is smart, brave, and she always follows her heart. She is my role model for sure. But would I say that my character fits her personality? To say so, I would always have to bring my family in the first place. It would also take the courage to present my ideas and believe in them. If your character is Mulan, you must know that you are one of the strongest. She is very loyal, and she always fights for the truth. Who else would go fighting to save their parents? Who would be able to such a big secret as changing from a woman to a man? That requires a great mind and charisma but also a big heart.

The next Disney character that is worth an introduction is Hercules. We meet him as a weak person that everyone laughs at. He may seem to be a loser at first. But when he finds out the truth about his family, he puts much effort to achieve his goals. It is an example of a character that represents physical strength, as well as, mental strength. The second one is much more important. It shows us: that no matter where you start, you can become whoever you want. Everything is possible! If your result would be this character, you should be happy about it. It would mean that you are a dreamer but also a hard-working person. You believe that good things are about to happen. And if we do good things- they come back to us sooner or later. That is a thing to be proud of! I wish that everyone followed that rules.

Now it is time to say a few words about Simba! The most known lion in the world. He is the king, and he feels the power. But was it like this from the very beginning? He also had years of freedom and silly ideas. If you think that you cannot make a difference in the future because now you have time for fun- do not worry about it! Simba is a character that shows us the growth of personality. When it becomes required, he becomes mature and takes responsibility for leading other animals. He is helpful, and he cares about his family. He knows how it feels to lose someone he loves, so the lion tries to protect his family as much as he can. He is also a good parent to his daughter. Simba wants her to be happy, but sometimes he overreacts with support and safety. Still, if you are Simba- you are a wise one. You play and party when it’s time for this. But also, you know when to take care of your assignments. Keep that life balance! That is something that not many people possess.

The last one but not the least is Cinderella. A Disney character with the biggest heart! She believes in true love. She is also sure that people are naturally good. She does not complain about her life. She is the kindest person in the world. Everyone can rely on her: no matter if they are people or pets. That is a person that everyone wants to have around. If you are Cinderella you must have many friends! Everyone hopes for your help and opinion. People trust you, and they cannot imagine their lives without you! Everyone wants to have Cinderella in their life!

Now, when you read the description, let’s try to solve the quiz! Do you have any preferences? Would you like to become one of our “girls on fire?” Or you rather see yourself as Hercules or Simba? Well, I have to tell you that my result surprised me. Maybe it is going to be something different from your expectations?! But as I said before, do not worry if you did not see your favorite character as the result! We all change may be in the current part of life you are someone other. I highly recommend coming back to the quiz in a few months, or maybe even weeks from now: that is a nice experiment to see how your choices evaluate! Now, enjoy the 20 questions that I prepared, and see you next time!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

Which character can you be from Disney?

You can be Mula, Hercules, Simba, Cinderella.

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