Which character from Encanto do you resemble?

Which character from Encanto do you resemble?

Hi there, everyone! Have you watched Encanto already? It is Disney’s latest hit! Have you ever felt that everyone in your family is peculiar, especially liked or talented, but you have nothing? If so, you will definitely like this story! You certainly have a lot in common with the main character, and maybe you will learn something by looking at her life. Well, let’s talk a little about what the famous Encanto is about!

The action of this film takes place in the Colombian mountains, in a city named after the film’s title name. The film focuses on the multi-generation Madrigal family. Each member has received some magical gift and boasts a unique ability. Well, maybe except Mirabel, who seems to be an ordinary young girl. The girl is treated differently because of her lack of magical skills. It is difficult for her, and she goes through difficult times because she is treated unjustly. She often feels inferior to others as well.

The Madrigal family story began when Abuela ran away with three babies, Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno, from her home due to an armed conflict. She then lost her husband, Pedro. Because of a miracle, the candle she was holding then was imbued with magic. Thanks to this, Casa Madrigal, or Casita, was created. It is a magical house that is a refuge for the peculiar Madrigal family who built the whole city – Encanto.

The Madrigal family consists of 12 people. Abuela is the matriarch of the Madrigal family. Her husband was Pedro. She gave birth to three children, and while they were still young, a miracle happened, as a result of which the candle was imbued with magic. Since then, all children born into a family have received a fantastic gift.

Abuela’s eldest daughter is Julieta. She has the incredible gift of healing people with the food she makes. Her husband is Agustin. Due to his ease of accident, he was often treated by Juliet. It led the couple to fall in love with each other. Then three children were born to them. Isabela is their eldest daughter. She can control the growth of flowers and other plants. She can make them grow anywhere and in any quantity. The second daughter of Julieta and Agustin is Luisa, who has incredible strength. She can even move mountains and buildings. Everyone relies on her and feels safe with her. The last child of Julieta is Mirabel. This is our main character who did not receive the gift. However, she turns out to be the only hope for the phenomenal Madrigal family.

Abuela’s second daughter is Pepa. She has the gift of controlling the weather with her mood. She always tries to be calm to keep it sunny. If something upsets her, hurricanes and storms can come quickly. Her husband is Felix. He has a talent for controlling Pepa’s emotions, ensuring that her gift does not get out of hand. The couple has three children. Dolores, their only daughter, can hear even the softest sounds. Camilo, the older son, can change his body to look like other people. He can also appear in higher or lower versions of them. It makes him great help in the city. Camilo loves to play pranks on people with his gift. The last child of Pepa and Felix is Antonio. He is innocent, gentle, and warm. He gets the skill of talking to animals. He can also manage them. He is Mirabel’s favorite cousin.

Abuela’s third child is Bruno. He is an outcast because of his ability to foretell the future, which seems to bring misfortune for others. Others accuse him of being a doomsayer. Bruno does not appear at the beginning of the film.

This movie covers serious issues. It shows, among other things, how high expectations towards others can have a destructive influence on them. For example, Isabella is beautiful and has a perfect life, but she would like to be herself and use her gift for what she wants. She would like to break free from behind the bars of perfectionism and expectations. Luisa is unusually forceful, and everyone relies on her. As a result, she feels the burden of responsibility overwhelming her. Luisa is afraid that she would be useless and irrelevant without the ability to help others. This girl tries to protect everyone and never complains. However, stress has a massive impact on her, and she finds it hard to take it any longer. Due to the lack of her gift, Mirabel is discriminated against and suffers a lot. Others don’t notice her, so she feels lonely and worthless.

Will the Madrigal family deal with the crisis breaking into their magical family? Will Mirabel see her own uniqueness? Be sure to watch Encanto and see for yourself! Take our twenty-question quiz to check which character from the movie you are similar to! Hope you will like it. Have fun!

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What character can you be from the Encanto movie?

Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Bruno or Camilo

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