Which Encanto song fits your situation?

Which Encanto song fits your situation?

Hi guys! Good to see you all! Have you been well? I hope so. Today I brought to you something that will make you happy. I realized you loved our Encanto quiz, so here’s the second one! As you well know, Encanto is full of excellent and well-written music. That’s why this time you can find out which Encanto song would play if you were one of a character. But firstly, let’s take a closer look at the characters and soundtrack from the movie once again.

Family Madrigal is huge, isn’t it? In Casita, there are many generations living. In the beginning, there was only Abuela. She met Pedro, and they fell in love with each other. They were so happy together, and they loved each other very much. They had three children, Pepa, Bruno, and Julieta. Unfortunately, Pedro died in the armed conflict, but all the other four have lived in a magical house until now. Pepa met her husband Félix, and they have three children now – Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. Julieta met Agustin, and from their relationship, Luisa, Isabela, and Mirabel were born. That’s really a lot of people! They all live in Casita! It is sometimes hard to remember and understand all this, right? The townspeople think so too, so Mirabel gladly sings them the song called “Family Madrigal” which tells about each member of the family and the power each of them has. For example, about Pepa, the song says: “Her mood affects the weather; When she’s unhappy; Well, the temperature gets weird”. About Bruno Mirabel sings: “They say he saw the future, one day he disappeared.”. And about her mother: “Oh! And that’s my mom Julieta, here’s her deal, whoa; The truth is, she can heal you with a meal”. Husbands of the family, who don’t have any gifts, also have a place in this song: “Félix married Pepa, and my dad married Julieta”. And how do you know who are siblings and who are Mirabel’s cousins? It’s simple, the first three lines are cousins: “Cousin Dolores can hear a pin drop; Camilo shapeshifts; Antonio gets his gift today”. The next ones are about sisters: “My older sisters Isabela and Luisa; One strong, one graceful; Perfect in every way.”. Isn’t it amazing how one song tells about the whole family story? It is a true masterpiece in text, rhythm, and melody.

When some problems arise at Casita, Dolores tells Mirabel that Luisa is overwhelmed. When she talks with her older sister, Luisa explains her feelings in “Surface Pressure”. At first, she seems to be coping very well with the problems she faces. She sings: “I’m the strong one, I’m not nervous; I’m as tough as the crust of the earth is; I move mountains, I move churches, And I glow ’cause I know what my worth is; I don’t ask how hard the work is; Got a rough indestructible surface; Diamonds and platinum, I find ’em, I flatten’ em; I take what I’m handed, I break what’s demanding. ” The first verse does not indicate that the girl is having a hard time. But as soon as we listen to further: “Under the surface; I feel berserk as a tightrope walker in a three-ring circus; Under the surface; Was Hercules ever like “Yo, I don’t wanna fight Cerberus “; Under the surface; I’m pretty sure I’m worthless if I can’t be of service “. It turns out that although Luisa does not show it, she has a tough time. She feels overwhelmed with carrying the family’s problems physically but also mentally. She thinks that she would be worthless without her strength. It’s a heartbreaking song because it shows how much Luisa is suffering. She is worried that she will not handle it all, and something dangerous may happen to the family. On the other hand, she has a grudge against her family. The responsibility always falls on her because of her strength. No one sees that it’s crushing her.

The last song we’re going to talk about today is “What else can I do?”. It is a song about Isabela’s struggle. At first, she seems like a golden child and that her life is perfect. As Mirabel says: “You just seem like your life’s been a dream; Since the moment you opened your eyes”. Indeed, it may seem that Isabela has everything you can imagine. And yet, this song points to something else. Isabela is overwhelmed by the demand for perfection. This is indicated, among others, by this fragment: “I just made something unexpected; Something sharp, something new; It’s not symmetrical or perfect, But it’s beautiful, and it’s mine; What else can I do?”. She would like to do what she wants, not what she has to do. She would like to be free. This song has very profound conclusions, among other things, that perfection is not always what we want. Do not judge a book by its cover.

I know. I haven’t covered the most popular song in the series. One cannot forget “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. But in the end, we’re not supposed to talk about him, so I won’t say anything about it. But of course, it will be one of the results. So do this quiz and see which song fits your situation. Perhaps it will be “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Check for yourself! Good luck and see you in the next quiz!

How many questions are there in this quiz?

There are 20 questions.

What Encanto song can you get as a result?

“The Family Madrigal”, “Waiting on a Miracle”, “Surface Pressure”, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” or “What Else Can I Do?”

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