Which character from Cruella you are?

Which character from Cruella you are?

Welcome back! This time, you will find out which character from the Cruella movie you are! For sure you have seen “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” but did you watch the new Disney film about the main devil? The movie tells a story about the life of Cruella.

By watching the American crime comedy, we can understand the background of the title character played by Emma Stone. It shows us that every story has two different perspectives. Not always the devils are naturally cruel usually, they act so because that’s what their environment makes them do.

Before you start the Cruella personality quiz, it is time to remind you what the movie’s plot was.
It all starts from the childhood of Estella- a creative girl dreaming of becoming a fashion designer in the future. She may be considered an odd person, but she has faith in her passion and dreams. Unfortunately, she comes from a poor family, but her mother would do everything to make her daughter happy. They plan to start a new life in a bigger city- London. During the trip, they stop at a castle party. Estella’s mom is trying to get financial assistance from a wealthy lady. A complex plot of accidents leads to the death of Estella’s mother, and she decides to go to London alone. She finds there two young boys that become her friends. They spend most of their time cheating and stealing. The years go by, but Estella still keeps dreaming of working in the fashion sector.

One day, for her birthday, Jasper and Horace decided to find her a job at the Liberty department store. After getting into some trouble, she finally gets accepted for the position. Soon, she finds out that her boss- Baroness von Hellman, is wearing a necklace that used to belong to her mother. She does not believe that it was taken from the Baroness by her employer years ago. Estella decides to steal the jewelry from her boss. Then the real war starts. The young fashion designer is trying to steal Baroness’ attention by fighting for the public’s preferences in clothes design. Estella finds an alter ego for herself called “Cruella” Her boss does not expect that it’s a part of a bigger plan to steal the necklace during her Black and White Ball. During the party, things went worse than expected. Estella’s friends fail on stealing the jewelry, but she realizes a more important fact. Now she knows that Baroness was responsible for the death of her mother. As an act of revenge, Estella plans to kidnap Baroness’ dalmatians. Her friends are getting frightened of the way she started to act. Anyway, they still help her with the plan realization. Cruella finally presents a dress made of faux dalmatians fur. Her boss is sure that she killed her dogs, so she wants to kill her. When Estella comes back home, she finds her friends tied up and Baroness having her dogs back. The Baroness plans to kill Estella and tell everyone that Jasper and Horace are responsible for her death, so she puts the room on fire. Then, when everyone thinks that Cruella died, Estella wakes up in Baroness’ employer’s house. John gives her the certificate of birth, which says that the Baroness is the biological mother of Estella. After hearing the terrible news, she runs away and decides to get her friends from the prison. Together with John, they all find a solution to bring down the Baroness. Finally, they do it during another ball using her method. At first, Estella steals her whistle. Then they make everyone gets away from the palace to see how violent is the Baroness. They let all the people see Baroness pushing Estella off the cliff. Luckily, Estella knew it would happen, so she prepared a parachute that rescued her. As Baroness got arrested, Estella came back as Cruella and got the Baroness’ fortune.

“Cruella” offers much more than an engaging plot. It also takes us to the 70s in the heart of London city! We can hear top songs of bands such as The Clash, Bee Gees, The Animals and The Rolling Stones. It isn’t possible to watch it without singing at least one of the tunes! Last but not least- the costumes! They are out of our era. I am not surprised that all fashion designers are getting crazy about that production! It’s worth watching at least for the clothes. To be honest, the movie wins at all stages. In my opinion, it’s the best Disney movie based on animation.

Now, after reminding you of the plot, it’s quiz time! Which character from “Cruella” do you think you are? Is it Estella, Baroness, John, or Jasper? We can help you find out! Solve this quiz, and don’t forget to share the results with your friend.

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