How Hippy Are You? | Instant Results

How Hippy Are You? | Instant Results

An average person, when made to define a hippie, would probably use words like “carefree,” “pacifist,” “anti-war,” or “noncomformist.” They would mention flowers, loose clothes, communes, living as one with nature, drugs, parties, and psychedelic tunes. Were actual hippies like that, and are YOU a hippie at heart? Do you have enough free spirit to identify as a tree hugger? Take the test and see for yourself, man! 

How Hippy Are You? | Instant Results

How did hippies come to exist?

The 1960s saw the emergence of a counter-cultural movement that stood against the lifestyle of the typical American middle class. The hippie subculture saw contemporary society as conservative, materialistic, and superficial and refused to conform to its rigid rules. Interestingly enough, many hippies came from the environment they rebelled against, being the children of middle-class, well-off citizens representing the stagnation of society. 

 The word “hippie” – first used in 1965 – likely derived from the “hipster,” a term utilized by the Beatnik scene in the 1950s. The Beatniks, spiritual precursors to the hippies, rejected the “square” world with its mindless consumerism, social conventions, and lack of individuality. To them, a hipster shared contempt for that traditional lifestyle. 

Even though the hippie movement arose as a response to American involvement in the Vietnam War, hippies often did not desire to get involved in politics or ask for power. The conventional way involved adhering to a specific path, accumulating material possessions, and defining success based on a stable job, wealth, and a particular social standing. What the hippies desired was freedom from this traditional way of living.

Hippies would adopt the ideas of communal living, liberty, nonviolence, tolerance, and free love. The “flower power” slogan, coined by the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, found its way into the hippie counterculture as a symbol of passive resistance. “Flower children” wore colorful clothing and flowers in their hair, embracing the symbolism. 

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Modern day hippie

By the mid-70s, the whole hippie thing started to die down somewhat. The former flower children made way for the new generation of young professionals, called yuppies. They were all about working hard and making it in the city. (See “American Psycho” for an extreme version of a yuppie.) Some ex-hippies evolved into the New Age lifestyle. 

Even though the hippie culture is not as visible as it once was, it still exists. It just has a somewhat different form. Whether you call these people crunchy moms, eco-warriors, tree huggers, or nature enthusiasts – there’s an echo of traditional hippie values in contemporary movements emphasizing natural and sustainable living practices.


A neo-hippie could also be called a bohemian or a naturalist. “Bohemian,” at its core, means someone who rejects conventional norms and expectations. Bohemians value freedom of expression and living without restraints. They see themselves as existing outside of the bounds of traditional society. Does that sound familiar?

Five ways to know you’re a true hippie

Are you a true nature freak? Touching the trees, having a picnic in the grass, or swimming in the lake are all activities you enjoy. Feeling one with the universe – starting with little worms in the ground and ending with the stars – is a distinct hippie quality. 

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A true hippie is an artist at heart. It doesn’t mean you have to be famous – all it means is you express your soul through art, whether it’s writing, painting, making music, crafting, or even cooking. Yes, conjuring an insanely tasty stew for your friends can be a creative act, too. If you understand that, you are a hippie for sure! You love the art of all kinds and don’t care if anyone understands it or finds it palatable. 


Are you all about mindfulness, relaxation, and finding the right equilibrium between mind, body, and spirit? Perhaps you enjoy meditation and other techniques that help you stay grounded. A good yoga session is like a refreshing shower but for your brain. Those things connect you with your higher self, like a true flower child.

If you’re a hippie, dedicating time to your spiritual journey is crucial to you. Now, how you do that, it’s up to you. Perhaps it’s through therapy, aligning chakras, working with tarot cards, praying, or something else. Either way, you wish to become the best version of yourself, and you know to achieve that, you must heal your inner child. 

A hippie’s crucial quality is spreading love, peace, and happiness. You aspire to improve the world, even in small ways. You don’t have to be an activist. You just need to make a conscious decision to brighten someone’s day.

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Are you a modern day hippie, or are you a traditional “peace, free love, and flowers” kind of hippie? Perhaps you’re not a hippie at all. One way to finally find out! Why don’t you take the quiz?

How do I know if I’m a hippie?

If you love nature and rebel against the machine, you might just be a hippie at heart!

What are the expected quiz results?

Neo-hippie, trad-hippie, beatnik, yuppie, punk, or not a hippie. 

Can anyone be a hippie?

Why not?

What are modern-day hippies called?

Bohemians, naturalists, or neo-hippies.

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