Which TV Mom Are You? | 100% Honest Answer

Which TV Mom Are You? | 100% Honest Answer

Moms – gotta love them! Throughout the years, many mother characters have graced our television screens. We saw traditional moms of the 60s and the working moms of modern times. We have witnessed everything from patchwork families to single motherhood to queer moms to spooky moms to kooky moms. There are many flavors of mothers and mother figures on TV but is any of them to your taste? Which TV mom are you? Here’s to you finding the answer you want!

Which TV Mom Are You? | 100% Honest Answer

Carol Brady

How could we talk about moms on television without Carol? She is the OG, after all. In the classic American series “The Brady Bunch,” Carol Brady is the mom to three daughters and stepmom to three sons. She loves all her children – biological or not – equally and handles her blended bunch with grace and kindness. 


In some ways, Carol embodies the traditional TV mom archetype. She’s a stay-at-home mother with a gentle touch who likes singing in a choir but doesn’t seem to have much else to do. Still, the Brady show was one of the first to portray a patchwork family and to represent such families as legitimate. And Carol might’ve even been a divorcee (although what happened to her first husband was never addressed). 

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Morticia Addams

Since we’re on the topic of the OG moms, who could ever neglect Morticia? Created by the cartoonist Charles Addams, she made her debut on television screens in 1964 as the eccentric, creepy, and delightfully gothic matriarch of the Addams family, the beloved wife of Gomez and doting mother of Wednesday and Pugsley. 

Morticia seemingly could not be less similar to Carol Brady and other blonde and bubbly TV moms. She revels in torture, shudders at the thought of her children being “normal,” and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pastels.

At the same time, Morticia demonstrates great love and dedication for her family and is the glue that holds the whole freak show together. Her fondness for the darker parts of life only makes her more fascinating. She effortlessly juggles the macabre lifestyle with nurturing nature and makes sure that Wednesday and Pugsley grow up embracing their uniqueness. 

Joyce Byers

Wynona Rider as Joyce hit the ball out of the park and captured the hearts of the “Stranger Things” audience. A single mom of two boys, Joyce was ready to tear the world apart when her son Will disappeared, even when everyone else believed he was gone. If there’s one thing we can take away from her, it’s to always trust your instincts and your (mom) intuition.


How many moms would travel to a nightmare dimension to get their child back? Well, Joyce did. Life doesn’t prepare you for things that might happen, like monsters and evil scientists, but Joyce Byers braved all the challenges to protect her children – as well as their friends. She represents all the fierce moms who would both die and kill to protect their families. 

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Jessica Huang

Jessica is yet another type of fierce mom. Sure, she has high expectations, to the point of mapping out detailed life plans for all three of her kids: Eddie, Evan, and Emery. But the thing is, at the heart of her stern attitude lies desperation to see them succeed. She puts her children’s interests above everything else, even if it means some scheming or penny-pinching. If you’re anything like her, just remember that sometimes kids can also have fun, and not everything has to be educational. 😉


Lucille Bluth

The Bluth family matriarch is far from a perfect mother. She’s cold, passive-aggressive, calculated, dismissive, and generally unpleasant. Lucille does have one redeeming quality, and that is her ability to be so damn funny. Jessica Walter as Lucille steals the show, whether she’s pondering the prize of one banana, drinking vodka for breakfast, or admitting she doesn’t really care for Gob. It would be hard to have a mom like Lucille, but watching her on the small screen is rather amusing. 

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Are you a spooky Morticia Addams or lovely Carol Brady? Perhaps you’re someone else altogether? Find out which mom from TV you are. Discover your TV mom alter ego! 

Who is the most well-known TV mom?

One could argue that Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch is the most recognizable and iconic mom on television ever.

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Carol Brady, Daenerys Targaryen, Joyce Byers, Jessica Huang, Linda Belcher, and Morticia Addams.

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20 questions.

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Are you a kooky, fun mom or a sweet, loving mama? Or maybe someone else entirely?

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