Which Workout Should You Try? | Suggestion Based On 20 Factors

Which Workout Should You Try? | Suggestion Based On 20 Factors

Congratulations on your new fitness resolution! It seems you want to challenge yourself physically and pick the right kind of exercise for yourself. Maybe you’re a beginner who wants to find a way to move off the couch (no judgment, we’ve been there!) Perhaps you’re on a more advanced level and eager to push your physical limits. Whatever the reason, you need an exercise routine, and we’re here to help!

Which Workout Should You Try? | Suggestion Based On 20 Factors

We’ll ask about your workout goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Our quiz will help you find a workout that will move you further in your fitness journey and one you can enjoy. Don’t believe it? Well, just try it out and get moving!

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How do you get started?

It’s not one size fits all situation. For example, if you hate being out all sweaty and breathless, running might not be the right choice. If you’re easily bored, pedaling away on a stationary bike could get old fast, and so on. How to build the best fitness program for your needs?

Aerobic workout (cardio training)

Do you want to increase your endurance, burn off some fat, and make your heart stronger? Cardio should be the core of your workout regime. Aerobic or cardiovascular training raises your heart rate and keeps it that way for a prolonged period. It generally involves continuous movement without a break in the routine, like jogging, fast walking, swimming, or dancing.


When you perform a cardio exercise, your heart and breathing get a boost, meaning more oxygen can reach your muscles. This type of training does wonders for your lung capacity, heart health, blood pressure, and even immune system, not to mention kicking your metabolism into overdrive and helping you lose weight.

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If the thought of huffing and puffing and sweating buckets overwhelms you, start with the most gentle aerobic workout – walking. All you need is comfortable clothes, good shoes, and some space. Don’t forget to keep a steady pace. The golden rule of walking (and cardio in general) is you shouldn’t be too breathless to talk. Slow down if you are unable to hold a conversation.

Strength training

Don’t swear off strength training because being big and buff is not your greatest dream. Strength workouts are meant to build muscles but also fight against bone loss, reduce body fat, lessen the risk of injury, and help you get stronger and healthier.

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How does it work, exactly? Strength training means creating resistance, either with your own body weight or with equipment like weight machines, free weights, or workout bands. You move your body against that resistance to increase muscle endurance.


If you’re just starting with strength workouts, remember about proper form. Correct body alignment is far more important than heavy lifting from the get-go. In fact, experts recommend beginning your strength training journey with very light weights or no weight at all. Pay attention to how you stand, move slowly, and focus on breathing.

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

High-intensity training is not for the faint of heart, but you can make it work, even if you’re a beginner. Rather than any specific exercise, HIIT is more of a method. You work as hard as possible during the period of intense physical effort, then ease up during the period of rest or active recovery. An example could look like this: 30 seconds of work, another 30 seconds of rest.


If traditional cardio bores you, perhaps you could give HIIT a chance. It’s challenging but efficient – you could pack a punch into a shorter workout and achieve desired results much quicker. HIIT is a great way to reduce weight and stimulate your metabolism for hours afterward. If you’re busy, eager to burn calories, or ready for a challenge, a high-intensity routine might suit you.

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The best workout quiz

Which workout should you try? We’ll help you with your choice, no matter your fitness goals. Answer the questions and determine the optimal physical activity for you.

How do I pick the perfect workout?

What are your wellness goals? Are you a beginner? Can you splurge for equipment or a fitness class?

What are some types of low-impact workouts?

Walking or light jogging is a simple, easy, low-impact activity. Swimming is gentle on the joints. You could also consider pilates as a low-impact routine.

Can I still work out if I don’t have any equipment?

Yes, many exercises don’t require any gear.

How much should I exercise to stay healthy?

At minimum 150 minutes of moderate activity during the week.

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