Are You Addicted To Coffee? | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Are You Addicted To Coffee? | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Hello, dear caffeinated stranger! Let’s talk about coffee, the drink of the gods. Coffee is unquestionably a part of a sacred daily ritual for many a human and perhaps the most socially acceptable drug.

Now, as a person who turns into Iced Coffee Monster every summer, I’m not one to deny you your morning cup of joe. But do you maybe enjoy it a tad too much? Is it time to cut back and say no to that third cup of espresso? Take the quiz to analyze your coffee habit. Are you addicted to coffee? Fix yourself a cup and find out!


Wake up and smell the coffee: how to know you’ve had too much?

A wise person once said that one cup of coffee makes you feel like the king of the world, but three might make you regret everything you’ve ever done. Sure, it’s an exaggerated expression, but too much caffeine really doesn’t feel good. “Too much” can be rather relative, too – some of us are so sensitive that we only need a little to want to crawl out of our skin.

If you feel all shaky, nervous, and like the whole Dead Sea can’t quench your thirst, you might’ve had too much caffeine. Headaches, racing heart, and unpleasantly high blood pressure are also typical. Don’t panic, little bug – drink some water and wait it out. You absolutely shouldn’t drink more coffee that day, but you know that, right? Take this opportunity to practice breathing exercises and maybe go for a walk. It will be okay.


Bean counter: is it just coffee?

You might think your one cup of joe in the morning can’t do much damage, but think again, my friend! Is that really all the caffeine you consume during the day? Caffeine is a sneaky thing that finds its way into many foods you likely eat or drink.

Here’s your surprise of the week: decaf does contain caffeine, even if it’s not as much as regular old coffee. One cup might have up to 50 milligrams of caffeine. It’s only half the amount in the regular cup, but still. Be careful with that decaf out there!

Fun fact, 100% cocoa chocolate has roughly the same caffeine amount as two and a half cups of coffee. Other kinds of chocolate contain caffeine too, but choco lovers need not despair. Both cocoa and caffeine have anti-inflammatory properties, so there you have it! Munch on that chocolate bar without guilt, my friend.

How impressive is your chocolate knowledge?

Did you know the trick? The folktale goes, you can steep your black tea for a bit longer than usual for that caffeine-like energy boost. It might work, but some people still complain about black tea giving them anxiety. We don’t want the jitters so be careful! Green tea also has a bit of caffeine, so put it on the list of healthier alternatives.

Do you partake in those pre-workout supplements? Be honest, we wont judge ya if you do. These formulas can have a surprisingly high amount of caffeine in them and are often unregulated. Is that what you really need to achieve peak performance?

Next time you pop an over-a-counter painkiller, remember it has caffeine! Yes, certain pain relievers contain some amount of caffeine, for example, aspirin or ibuprofen. It’s not that surprising if you know that caffeine restricts blood flow for a while, which can help with pain. I guess it just proves caffeine can be found in surprising places!

What about that protein bar that’s been in your purse for ages, squashed and forgotten? It might also contain caffeine, and it might not even say so on the label. Most snack bars won’t have more than 10 milligrams or so, but still, it’s worth taking note of.


Here’s a personal anecdote: as an avid and hopeless coffee lover, I found golden milk to be a great alternative to coffee. Simply add some honey, cinnamon, turmeric, and even ginger to the milk of your choice and warm it up in a saucepan.

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Sure, it’s not the same, but consider this. The ritual of making this concoction fulfills the same kind of need as making coffee and is thus satisfying. You might not feel the same way, but why not try it? Experiment with different spices if you want. Okay, you might sometimes add a little bit of coffee or cocoa – as a treat. Sip on that golden milk and take our quiz!

What are the answers you can expect?

A.You are addicted, B.You are likely addicted, C.You are most likely not addicted, and D.You are not addicted.

Is it worth it to drink decaf?

It depends, because it still has caffeine, although not as much as regular coffee.

When do I know I might have a problem with caffeine?

Do you have to drink large amounts of coffee to feel good, and quitting makes you feel awful? Your habit might be problematic.

Can too much caffeine cause anxiety?

Yes, it can make you feel anxious or jittery.

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