Food knowledge quiz

Food knowledge quiz

Hello, hello! Can I see food-lovers here?! Welcome to the club, dear friends! I am happy that you want to challenge yourself with the quiz I have prepared! Twenty questions will tell you how much you know about food! You must have tried our other food quizzes, but this one is different! It will not tell you what you should eat but what is the level of your knowledge! Anyway, I cannot promise that it will not make you hungry! Before starting the tasty exam, take a few minutes to better prepare for this! I have prepared a short introduction. That will help you revise some knowledge to get a better score on the quiz! Are you ready?! Let’s go then!
Have you ever wanted to eat something from the fridge and then realized that it is out of order? Do you remember the disappointment? I can also relate to this feeling! Do you know that there is only one product that cannot get out of order?! I have never thought about it previously. The product is honey! It also requires a lot of work from bees! To produce 1 kilogram of honey, they need to go the distance corresponding to going four times around the earth!
When you feel tired, you probably always think of drinking a coffee, do not you? But do you know why it wakes you up every time? It consists of caffeine. It is a natural chemical with stimulant effects. Caffeine can be found also in other products than coffee. Probably you have heard of drinking cola or tea because they also have it. But did you know that you can find caffeine in chocolate?!
Now, let’s talk about fruits. Which one is your favorite? I love bananas! They are flexible in the kitchen. You can add them to a milkshake or the porridge or eat them separately. Hey, you can even use them for baking vegan cakes! But do you know what their classification is? They are classified as berries! That is funny because strawberries are not! Strawberries belong to the rose family! The facts will never stop amazing me!

What do you think now, what is the most expensive food? Some of the most expensive products are Saffron; Fugu fish; Black Densuke Watermelon; Albi white truffles; Dry-aged wagyu entrecote; Iranian Almas beluga caviar. And the most expensive pizza costs 12 000 dollars and it consists of 3 types of caviar, buffalo mozzarella, lobster from Norway and Cilento, and pink Australian sea salt. I cannot imagine the taste, but from the first thought I have- Expensive food does not have to be tasty! I prefer my favorite pizza Diavola. Maybe it does not take 72 hours to prepare, and 3 Italian chefs come to my house, but it is not that bad! Maybe, I am saying that because I am not a fan of caviar! Or maybe, because I do not have free 12 000 dollars! That also might be that thing!

Another interesting fact for the fans of Coca-Cola! Did you know that the drink has its color only due to food coloring? Otherwise, it would be green! I hope it will not make you quit buying it because the flavor is heaven! I guess other people also know that because the number of cans drank every day is huge! It is said, that people drink 600 million cans of Coca-Cola per day! I like drinking it, but I probably lower the statistics a bit! How about you?
I think I have something that will make you very surprised! Do you like eating on the plane? I know that there are many people not being fans of the catering. Do you know what might be the reason for this? Food does not taste the same on the ground and in the air! There were even experiments done on that. The result was that in the air we lose the sensitivity of salt and sweets, even up to 30%! That’s a lot. It can be due to many aspects, but the most popular ones are the dry air on the plane, the huge height difference, and what comes with it change of pressure. Then, the catering service has an interesting challenge to face the requirements! I think they still do a great job! Maybe I am not like the majority part of people, but I like airplane food. At least I appreciate I am not hungry and other people take care of everything.

Ok, everyone! Get ready to check your food knowledge now! You will find out if you are a specialist, food-lover, random-eater, or a rookie! The 20 questions will tell us all about your knowledge! If the result does not satisfy you, try it again when you learn more about food facts! Good luck!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

What can be the result of the quiz?

Specialist, Food-lover, Random-eater, or a Rookie

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