What is your stress level?

What is your stress level?

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope that your day is better than mine! I do not feel very lucky today! The weather does not help me with that, because it rains all the time. I have no idea how to reduce the stress inside me without running! It is always my favorite method of reducing stress. But how should I know that I am stressed? Not tired, not angry, but stressed. Many people have problems with understanding their emotions. And here I am! I will help you to evaluate your stress level based on your answers. I have prepared 20 questions that I always ask myself to understand how stressed I am and think of a solution to reduce it. Before starting the quiz, I recommend reading the short introduction I have prepared. That will present you with some important facts that you should understand before answering the questions. 

Stress is a completely normal emotion that is present in everyone’s life. Although, it can affect our lives in different ways. The most important thing is how we deal with it. Stress is also an individual thing. Some of us can feel it in situations that others do not. Stress does not have to be a negative symptom. It can as well work positively on us. It can be a kind of motivator or proof that we care about something or someone. The thing we have to do is to learn how to see it as a positive thing or at least to be able to handle it. 

I will give you some tips on how to deal with stress. Just remember that: If the symptoms will become more serious, or your stressful period will last for a longer time- remember to visit a specialist. That dangerous symptom can be:

  • pain;
  • high heart rate or high blood pressure;
  • insomnia;
  • muscle shaking;
  • digestive problems;
  • stomach ache.

They can lead to more serious problems in your health, so please remember about that and ask your friends for help, then try to find a specialist that can help you. 

I can tell you that whatever you stress about- it is not worth damaging your mental health! Please remember that! Things will figure themselves out sooner or later. We cannot put everything depending on one situation or person because life is much richer and more colorful! Try to think positive. 

The first thing I use to reduce my stress level before situations, such as exams, or performances is taking big breaths. Do you remember Sharpey from High School Musical? That was the funny blonde that was always singing with her brother. I like to use her stress-reducing method. You can find it on YouTube when you type “Brrr Brrr Brrr Mah!” That seems to be funny, but it helps to loose your face muscles and helps you to reduce your stress perfectly! Trust me! Next time when you write your exam, you have to try it! If you do not want to make weird sounds, you can try to jump a little bit and shake your arms. 

If you stress before getting a piece of important information, such as exam results, or job interview feedback, you can choose a different stress relief option. I would recommend going for a walk. That solution will make you filled with air, so you can start thinking about the joy of nature, instead of thinking about a stressful situation. If you prefer running- as I do- it is a perfect option as well. Any workout fits perfectly for this situation. If you are not an active person, maybe the right thing for you would be meditation or praying? That also brings peace to your mind if you focus on it. Sometimes I do yoga to realize my stress. Especially on rainy days as today! I would probably be in a terrible mental condition without it. There is one more thing that I do when I feel overwhelmed with my stress level. I call my mom always when I am too stressed. She knows what to say and how to support me. It does not have to be one of your parents, it can be some of your family but also from the group of your friends! If you cannot meet them, just try to call! I am sure that support from someone that knows you and the situation can make you feel relaxed and peacefully wait for what will happen next.

I hope that you have read it all carefully. Stress can be our friend, but it can be a difficult opponent. Please pay attention to your mental health, and do not let it beat you! 

Now you are ready to check your stress level! If the result says that you are stressed, try to use one of my stress-relieving methods!

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There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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The result is going to tell you what is your stress level.

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