Bipolar Test | Quick & Free

Bipolar Test | Quick & Free

Did it ever cross you mind that you could be bipolar? Have you ever taken a bipolar test? Do you display symptoms of bipolar disorder? Our online bipolar test is not a medical tool but can help you discern the signs. Get through our questionnaire and discover if you could be bipolar.

Bipolar disorder definition

Bipolar disorder is defined by shifting between intense mood changes. A person with bipolar disorder has periods of an unusually happy, erratic, and manic state that will later change to a period of deep sadness and depression. These periods are called mood episodes and can last from days to weeks.

Carrie Fisher was an actress known for her role as princess Leia in Star Wars, who openly talked about her bipolar disorder. She described it as “not being happy, but very, very fast for a while, and then being very sad.” Does it strike a chord in you? Try our bipolar test to find out your situation.

We can talk about bipolar I disorder when a person is experiencing a manic episode that is severe or lasts at least seven days. Most of the time, depressive episodes also happen.

For bipolar II disorder, both types of episodes occur. The symptoms aren’t as intense as in type I. The hypomanic phase might even increase performance at the workplace or in school.

Cyclothymic disorder or cyclothymia involves depressive and hypomanic episodes that are frequent but relatively mild. In this case, symptoms are less severe.

Bipolar disorder symptoms

To suggest bipolar disorder, a manic episode must occur. It is a period of time lasting at least a week when a person feels very “up”, highly energized, pumped, and jumpy. They might also feel easily irritated. An individual experiencing a manic episode will talk very fast, get distracted, and have many ideas at once. They often feel powerful and unstoppable. During this time, a person might engage in risky behaviors like reckless driving, gambling, or spending a lot of money.

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A hypomanic episode is defined by milder versions of manic symptoms, which need only need to last four days straight as opposed to a full week. Hypomanic symptoms do not frequently result in serious disruptions to everyday functioning as manic episodes do.

After a manic episode comes the time for a depressive episode. During this period, a person will feel very sad or anxious, “slowed down”, with no energy for anything. The high energy disappears and turns into a lack of motivation or interest in anything, fatigue, trouble focusing, sleeping too much or too little, lack of appetite, and feeling unable to do the simplest things. A person will feel useless, empty, despairing, and possibly suicidal.

Do these symptoms sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to take a bipolar test.

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Can bipolar disorder be cured? While the answer is no, it doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Correct diagnosis can help people get treatment and lead a quality life.

Medication and psychotherapy are often effective in treating bipolar disorder symptoms. Mood stabilizers are usually prescribed to help regulate mood swings. One of them is lithium. We aren’t sure yet how it works exactly, but it might interact with neurotransmitters and neuron receptors in the brain, decreasing abnormal activity as a result.

Apart from mood stabilizers, antidepressants can be used, especially for type II treatment. People with bipolar disorder might have to go through several different types of medication to find the right one for them.

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Talk therapy can also help people understand their condition better, learn to recognize the signs, and avoid future episodes.

Bipolar symptoms test

Is there a bipolar screening test? Can you take a bipolar test for free? You can find many free screening tools online that will help you decide if you should visit a specialist. Our bipolar test is one of them! What is a bipolar test?

Do you want to find out the color of your mental health?

On a bipolar test, you will find questions relating to your energy levels, emotions, behavior, and mood swings. You might be asked about changes in sleep patterns or appetite, unusual mood changes, fatigue, irritability, how much energy you have for daily activities, and feelings of hopelessness or despair.

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If you want to get diagnosed professionally, the first step will be a physical examination. A medical professional will examine you and inquire about your symptoms. They will ask for a brief history of your family, any current medications you’re on, and any illnesses or medical conditions you may have. If there is a reason for it, you will be referred to a psychiatrist or therapist for further evaluation.

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Are you ready for your bipolar test? Find out if you could have bipolar disorder. Take our quiz now and get ready to help yourself!

What is a good treatment for bipolar?

Medication like mood stabilizers or antidepressants is often very effective. Psychotherapy also helps people deal with their condition.

Is there a bipolar test?

You can find many free screening tools online that will help you decide if you should visit a specialist. Our bipolar test is one of them.

How does this test work and what is the score?

The highest score on this test is 20 points. The higher your result is, the more possible it is that you could have bipolar disorder.

What is electroconvulsive therapy?

ECT is a type of treatment used for bipolar disorder when medication or talk therapy doesn’t seem to work. It entails a few rounds of a short electrical current being applied to the patient’s scalp while they are sedated, resulting in a brief, controlled seizure.

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