Which Halloween Monster Are You? | Fun Halloween Test

Which Halloween Monster Are You? | Fun Halloween Test

Hi everyone! Halloween is just around the corner which means it is a perfect time to get into a spooky mood and solve some of our funny Halloween quizzes. In today’s not-so-serious test you are going to discover which scary creature you are. Answer 20 questions and the creepy mystery shall be revealed. 

So which Halloween monster are you? Do you prank people at the cemetery? Do you play fetch but also lose control and wreak havoc? Or maybe you have recently woken up from a long nap? Find out if you are Grumpy Mummy, Jokester Skeleton, Vampire Lord, or Friendly Werewolf. It’s monster showtime!

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Classic Halloween Monsters   

The spooky season wouldn’t be the same without all kinds of ghastly creatures filling the streets of cities and villages. There are many monsters associated with Halloween but some of them are more popular than others. Today we are taking a look at four classic monsters that always make their appearance on October 31st.  


Skeleton is a common type of undead. Just as zombies, ghouls, and vampires, skeletons continue to exist in the world even after their demise. What makes them different, however, is a complete lack of skin and flesh. Skeletons are just bare bones that move for unknown reasons. They are often hilarious monsters who like to hang out at cemeteries and prank people. If they are not bound to a necromancer’s will, skeletons freely roam the world doing what they want.   

The most famous skeletons in media include Brook (One Piece), Skeletor (He-Man), Sans (Undertale), and Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas).


Mummy is another type of monster often featured in horror genres. Mummies are undead beings wrapped in bandages. Because of the preservation method, their bodies are usually intact which cannot be said about zombies or skeletons. They originate from ancient Egypt and, in result, are one of the oldest known monsters. They don’t have urges to eat flesh like zombies, instead, they feel the need to revenge.

Mummies also made their appearance in the media. Some of the most popular include Tutankhensetamun (Tutenstein) and Murray the Mummy (Hotel Transylvania).  


Vampires are undead who retain their original appearance after death. The only difference is pale skin and long, sharp fangs. They are unbelievably agile and strong.

Price which must be paid for vampiric powers is high. Vampires suffer greatly when they are hungry. If they don’t drink blood for a prolonged time, they become sluggish and weak. If they come in contact with sunlight they can be damaged or even die.

Vampires tend to think lowly of other creatures. They are often depicted as dignified and distinguished beings who see themselves as ultimate predators. They rarely get along with humans. 

Vampires are very popular in all types of media. Characters that you should know are Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac (Interview With The Vampire), Selene (Underworld), Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows), Marceline The Vampire Queen (Adventure Time), Blade (Blade), and Regis (The Witcher series).


People who can shapeshift into wolf-like creatures are called werewolves. It is said that if a werewolf bites and you survive, you become cursed with lycanthropy and obtain bestial powers. 

There are many versions of werewolves in the media. Some can shapeshift at will, while others can’t control their abilities and animal instincts. Werewolves are usually exceptionally strong and fast. They have heightened senses and their wounds heal quickly. It is wise to fight a werewolf using silver as this is its weakness.       

Much like vampires, werewolves are often featured in books, movies, and games. Best werewolf characters include Bigby Wolf (Fables, The Wolf Among Us), Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Remus Lupin (Harry Potter series), Michael Corvin (Underworld series), and Jacob Black (The Twilight Saga).

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Other Classic Halloween Monsters

What other monsters and characters are associated with Halloween? If you are wondering what spooky costume to wear this year and also want to go with the classics, look no further. Here are other monsters that may stimulate your imagination and make you come up with cool costumes.

  • The concept of a zombie dates back to the 17th century Haiti. It is said that zombies were created thanks to voodoo magic. The result is a living corpse which feeds on human flesh (especially brains).

  • Grim Reaper dates back to events following the black plague which occurred in the 14th century. He is often portrayed as a man in black, hooded robe wielding a scythe. Contrary to popular belief, Grim Reaper is not a literal death but a being that guides souls of the dead to the next world.

  • Witches are women who dabble in alchemy and arcane arts. They are known for their flying brooms and black cats. Originally, they were portrayed as old and nasty hags. 

  • Ghosts are spectral beings who come into existence after their physical counterparts die. They are usually bound to a specific item or place of their demise. Ghosts tend to be aggressive and have nasty behavior but there are also friendly ghosts that just want help in releasing them from the mortal realm.   

  • Clowns are not monsters but our childhood memories say otherwise. Make no mistake, Halloween clowns are scarier than demons, and more vicious than werewolves. 

  • Demons are evil creatures from hell. There are many types of demons which usually depend on the number of circles they come from. Demons are often imagined as red and horned monsters.

Time To Get Spooky

It’s finally time to get into a spooky mood. Answer all of the 20 questions we prepared for you and discover which Halloween monster you are. It’s a monster extravaganza!

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Which Monsters Can I Get As A Result?

After you finish the quiz you are going to find out if you are Grumpy Mummy, Jokester Skeleton, Vampire Lord, or Friendly Werewolf.

Who Can Solve This Quiz?

This quiz can be solved by all Halloween lovers, no matter their age.

How Many Questions Does The Quiz Have?

You need to answer 20 questions in order to get one of four results.

What Are Less Known Halloween Monsters?

Despite not being as famous as skeletons, ghosts, or vampires, these monsters always sneak their way into groups of more famous monstrosities. If you are watchful on October 31st, you can spot goblins, ghouls, trolls, gargoyles, scarecrows, and even headless horsemen.  

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