Spiritual Gifts Test | Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in 2023

Spiritual Gifts Test | Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in 2023

You’re here because you wish to discover your spiritual gifts in more detail. The first stage is to take our spiritual gifts test and find your blessings. Answer the questions and learn how to use your spiritual skills for both you and others.

Find out how much is your soul worth.

What are spiritual gifts?

In Christianity, spiritual gifts are the exceptional graces given to people by the Holy Spirit to use for the good of others.

The term “spiritual gifts” has its origins in the Greek language. The word “charismata” means gifts, and the word “pneumatika” means spirits.

Different kinds of spiritual gifts

There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but their purpose is more or less the same: to support the Church and glorify the Body of Christ, according to Christian theology.

The Ministry Gifts

Some persons who are called to help and assist others are given ministry gifts. Here is the list of the ministering gifts also called the 5-fold ministry:

  1. Apostle is someone whose mission is to preach the gospel and establish congregations around the world.
  2. Prophet is God’s mouthpiece, speaking His Word.
  3. Evangelist is called to serve communities and preach the gospel from church to church.
  4. Pastor is someone who was gifted to lead, guide, and set an example for the community.
  5. Teacher is very similar to Pastor, but their duties don’t always overlap. His goal is to pass on the Words of the Lord to others.

Manifestation Gifts

The manifestation gifts are there to show how powerful God is and how He works through His people. They can be divided further into three categories: Utterance, Power, and Revelation. 

Utterance gifts work through the word, the Power gifts – through the action, and the Revelation gifts are supposed to reveal something.

Utterance gifts are as follows:

  • Prophecy – passing through the Word of God to the Church
  • Speaking in Tongues – a supernatural gift manifesting through speaking in an unlearned language believed to be a heavenly language
  • Interpretation of Tongues – discerning the message in tongues and translating it into a known language

Power gifts include:

  • Faith – a special kind of faith people are blessed with to receive miracles
  • Healing
  • Miracles

Revelation gifts are as follows:

  • Word of Wisdom – insight into the Holy Doctrine
  • Word of Knowledge – supernatural knowledge of information that only God can reveal
  • Discerning Spirits – the supernatural capacity to differentiate between good and evil spirits

Motivational Gifts

Motivational gifts describe a person’s inner motivation. They include:

  • Prophecy – eyes of the Body of Christ, they are watchful of and reveal sin
  • Service – hands of the Body of Christ, they tend to the needs of others
  • Giving – arms of the Body of Christ, people with this gift are motivated to give
  • Teaching – the mind of the Body, people interested in studying the Word and teaching it to others
  • Exhortation – mouth of the Body, people with this gift encourage others to grow 
  • Mercy – the heart of the Body, these people are sensitive to others’ feelings, and want to see them healed
  • Administration – head of the Body, people with this gift are motivated to lead others

What are the 12 gifts of Heavenly Lord?

  1. Compassion
  2. Delight
  3. Serenity
  4. Forbearance
  5. Heart
  6. Virtue
  7. Benevolence
  8. Gentleness
  9. Devotion
  10. Humility
  11. Self-control
  12. Generosity

What are the nine spiritual gifts of God?

  1. The Word of Enlightenment
  2. Words of Wisdom
  3. Prophecy as a Gift
  4. Faith as a Gift
  5. The Healing Gift
  6. Spirit Interpretation
  7. Tongues of Various Types
  8. The Operation of Miracles
  9. Tongues and Tongue Interpretation

Spiritual gifts test

How to know what kind of spiritual gifts you have? It’s possible you already have a hunch toward the specific blessing given to you by the higher power. If you want to be certain, why don’t you take this spiritual gifts test?

The spiritual gifts test analyzes your answers and suggests what kind of gifts you might possess. Your final result is based on the Bible and other spiritual teachings. 

How to know your spiritual gifts

To learn your spiritual gifts, consider what brings you joy. What activities do you enjoy? What drives you internally? What do you do well?

If you enjoy starting new ministry projects, leading conferences, or guiding a Bible study, you probably have the gift of administration. If you are nurturing and caring and want to help other people, you might have the gift of giving. 

The significance of knowing your spiritual gifts

We can influence the lives of others through our gifts by tapping into God’s supernatural gifting. We receive the Holy Spirit’s power and use it to minister to others when we are filled with Him.

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What spiritual gifts do you have? Find the answer with spiritual gifts test we prepared for you. Be blessed!

What kind of gifts can you get on this test?

The Gifts of Teaching, Mercy, Leadership, Prophecy, Service, and Encouragement.

What Are The Sacred Spirit’s Twelve Blessings?

Charity, Patience, Peace, Benignity, Faith, Modesty, Chastity, Self-Control, Joy, Gentleness, Goodness, Longanimity.

What are the 9 spiritual blessings of Heavenly Father?

The Word of Enlightenment, Words of Wisdom, Prophecy as a Gift, Faith as a Gift, The Healing Gift, Spirit Interpretation, Tongues of Various Types, The Operation of Miracles, Tongues and Tongue Interpretation.

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