How much is your soul worth?

How much is your soul worth?

Hi there! Have you ever wondered how much is your soul worth? If we could put a price on our souls, how precious would they be? Take the quiz we have for you and find out the true cost of your soul.
What is a soul? And no, we aren’t talking about the popular music genre. In many belief systems and philosophical traditions, a soul is an immaterial essence of a human being. It is a subject of human consciousness and freedom. A soul and a body put together make one unique human nature.
The Greek philosopher Plato divided the soul into three parts: the logistikon (reason), the thymoeides (spirit), and the epithymetikon (appetite), in descending order. They all have their place in different parts of the body. The reason is located in the head, spirit – near the chest region, and appetite in the stomach.
The reason is the highest faculty of the soul. It is immortal, divine, and eternal, and exists beyond time and space. It represents the human mind and the ruling class. The reason is responsible for making decisions.
Spirit is associated with fearlessness, valor, bravery, and overcoming challenges. It symbolizes the heart and represents the military class. Courage is the highest virtue of the spirit.
The lowest faculty is appetite, identified with desires, greed, economic gain, and physical pleasure. It represents the commoners. It is responsible for fulfilling simple desires, sexual gratification, greed for money, comfort food and drinks, and other necessities.
An important allegory described by Plato corresponding with his soul theory is that the soul is a charioteer (rational). It controls two winged steeds: one white (spirited) and one black (appetite). The charioteer’s main goal is to ascend to divine heights, but the black horse always causes problems, and the chariot falls back to earth.
A literal interpretation would be that the soul seeks spiritual fulfillment but is distracted by worldly things. The entire purpose of the soul, according to Plato, was to acquire an ideal knowledge form, similar to the gods – truth, justice, beauty, and rational knowledge. He believed in reincarnation and that a soul improved itself with each incarnation. Plato suggested that to recollect absolute knowledge and ascend to heaven, reason must triumph over earthly desires.
In Christianity, a human being, created in the image of God, is both corporeal and spiritual. The Catholic Church teaches that every spiritual soul is instantly created by God – it is not “produced” by the parents. It is also immortal: it does not die when it separates from the body at death, and it will be reunited with the body at the final Resurrection.
The essence of the human soul is not entirely obvious in the Bible. However, by examining the various use of the word “soul” in the Bible, we can draw certain assumptions. Simply put, a person’s soul refers to their non-physical elements. It is the aspect of every person that lives on after the death of the physical body. According to Genesis 35:18, Rachel, Jacob’s wife, named her son “as her soul was departing” while she was dying. This demonstrates that the soul is distinct from the body and that it survives physical death.
The human soul is essential to a person’s identity. You don’t have a soul, George MacDonald once said. You are a soul. You possess a body. In other words, having a body is not a prerequisite for being a person. What is needed is a soul. People are frequently referred to as “souls” in the Bible, particularly in passages that emphasize the significance of human life and personality or the idea of a “complete being.”
What is the difference between the soul and the spirit? These two terms have been discussed at length in philosophical and religious writings. Sometimes people use them interchangeably, believing them to mean the same thing.
The Bible does tell us, however, that the soul and the spirit are two different things. Thessalonians 5:23 proves that they are not the same. It explains that humans are made up of three parts: the spirit, the soul, and the body. Spirit, soul, and body are three distinct concepts denoted by the conjunction and in Greek, the New Testament’s original language. The soul and the spirit are distinct from one another, just as the body is from the soul.
Our spirit, the core of who we are, has a purpose in the spiritual world by allowing us to communicate with and receive God himself and His word. Our soul is who we are, it is our mind, our emotion, and our will. God created us with these faculties so we can worship Him. That is, at least, what the Christian Bible says and what the followers of Jesus Christ believe.
Time to find out how much your soul is worth. Get to the questions and discover the price! Have fun, and don’t forget to share the results with your friends.

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