Who Are You From The Royal Family? | Royal Family Quiz

Who Are You From The Royal Family? | Royal Family Quiz

Hi all, are you interested in the British royal family? If so, you are very welcome here. We’ve put together a really interesting Royal Family Quiz for you to find out who from the royal family you are. The king, the duchess, or maybe the future heir to the throne? Answer the twenty questions below and discover who you resemble.

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About The Royal Family

When was the British royal family created? Undoubtedly, questions concerning the Royal Family’s history begin in two different years: 1917 and 1066. When William the Conqueror landed in England during the Norman conquest in 1066, the current Royal Family line was established.

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He dismantled the House of Wessex by toppling the reigning monarch at the time, Harald Godwinson. His heirs eventually transferred the throne to James VI and I in 1603, after passing through a maze of kin and residences. He served as both the final Scottish monarch and the first king of Great Britain.

The Stuart House, which was handed down to the House of Hanover, the family of Queen Victoria, was founded by James I, the first ruler of England.

The present Royal Family was then born in the Hanover House, but out of need rather than genetics. The name Saxe Coburg-Gotha was inherited by Queen Victoria’s lineage from her husband, Prince Albert.


However, in the years after the Queen’s passing, sentiments gradually shifted against the family. Local anti-German sentiment increased throughout World War One, creating an uneasy atmosphere in the UK. But when the Gotha bombers landed on London, this unease quickly changed to dismay.

The planes, which were a German innovation, bombed the city throughout the conflict. According to official data, the planes left 836 people dead and many more injured. They particularly targeted a school in the East End, causing the royals to rename themselves after one of the nation’s worst periods.

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The Royal Family was required to drop its Saxe-Coburg Gotha name and all German titles by King George V. His letters patent were written to show support for the British war effort, and as a result, the Windsor surname was used going forward.

Since that time, the Windsor family name has been used by all royals. Therefore, the start of the First World War was a new beginning for the royals and forced them to modernize.

Royal Family Members

And whose relatives are the British royals? There are many. Some are described below.


On April 21, 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, later known as St. Queen Elizabeth II, was born. She succeeded her father, George VI, as monarch of England on February 6, 1952. She held the third-longest reign in British history.

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During WWII, she endeared herself to the British public as a princess by rolling up her sleeves and joining the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. When her father’s health began to deteriorate in 1951, Elizabeth assumed many of his responsibilities as heiress apparent. Her reign was marked by historical events, such as her son Charles’ divorce from Princess Diana, as well as popular unrest.


Charles and Diana

Charles III is the reigning monarch in the United Kingdom. Charles became the heir apparent when his mother assumed the kingdom at the age of three, following the death of his grandpa.

Charles was called Prince of Wales in 1958, and the title was formally bestowed upon him in 1969. Both Gordonstoun and Cheam schools were attended by the father of the current Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Philip.

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Later, Charles studied at Victoria, Australia’s Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School. William and Harry, their two kids, were born in 1981 after his marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. After having well-publicized extramarital relationships, the couple split in 1996. Diana has died away.

Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005. The presumed heir to the British throne is William, Prince of Wales. Prince Harry is the United Kingdom’s sixth in line to the throne.


A former American actress named Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is married to Prince Harry and so a member of the British royal family.

Royal Family Quiz Multiple Choice

So who do you resemble? Find out now in our Royal Family Quiz. Answer twenty questions and find out who from the royal family you are. Have fun!

What member can you get as a result?

Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Meghan

Who from the Royal Family was born in 1981?

William and Harry were born in 1981 to Charles’ and Diana.

Who was named the “Prince of Wales” in 1958?

Charles was called Prince of Wales in 1958, and the title was formally bestowed upon him in 1969.

Which member of the British Royal Family used to be an actor?

A former American actress named Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is married to Prince Harry and so a member of the British royal family.

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