Am I Annoying? | Free & Honest Test | Instant Results

Am I Annoying? | Free & Honest Test | Instant Results

Are your friends and family barely putting up with you? Do you think people avoid you or pretend they don’t have time? “What is wrong with you!?” – is something that you hear often?  The reason for the above may be very simple – you are too annoying! 

In today’s test you are going to find out to what extent your behavior is irritating to others. Most  people are annoying to some degree, especially when they have a bad day. Some are irritating only in certain scenarios, while others do vexing things all the time.  And there are also those few who are so chill and laid-back that they almost never get on other people’s nerves. 

So which one are you? Are you troublesome? Do people hate your personality? Solve our test and find out if you should consider changing your attitude towards others. If you score high on our quiz, be sure to check out our tips and tricks on how to be less annoying! 

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What Makes People Annoying?

Annoying people are part of our life. It is not difficult to encounter irritating individuals in society. When we get to know such a person, we prefer to avoid them, or deal with them as little as possible. There are various personality features and traits that make a person “annoying” or, in extreme cases, “unbearable”. Someone who is described this way, is usually not aware of how they are perceived. Thus, asking the question “Am I annoying?” is a great start to understand your behavior and actions if they return negative feedback from society. 

Annoying person would probably never realize their toxic behavior if not for signals and cues received from friends, family, and society in general. One of the most common reactions to irritating behavior is reduction in contact. People usually don’t want to get themselves involved in a drama, instead they prefer simpler solutions to problems. In this case, all they need to do is to distance themselves from sources of negative energy.

All people manifest personality features or have certain habits that can be considered vexing by others. However, some behaviors are perceived as more annoying than the rest, and have a higher chance of being found unpleasant by a bigger number of people. Let’s take a closer look at such behaviors.


People who display dominating behavior are often perceived as annoying. They constantly ask for favors and don’t take “no” for an answer. They usually don’t give anything in return and forget to express gratitude. Others must do their bidding otherwise they can expect a childish tantrum to be thrown.


Irritating individuals tend to brag about their achievements and possessions even if these are very minor. Boasting stems from lack of self-esteem and low confidence. To some people it is the only way to present themselves in a good light. Even though their intentions are good, the execution is unfortunately very annoying. 

Lack Of Empathy

Another reason why someone could be annoying is lack of empathy. People who can’t understand what others feel and think tend to overstep social boundaries. They also fail to recognize cues telling them to stop. These are the kind of people that yell in public, honk their car’s horn for no apparent reason, or leave a mess in a restaurant. They don’t care much about the consequences of their actions and other’s feelings. Because unempathetic people are very hard to deal with, most prefer not to get into relationships with them. 


Although narcissists can be empathetic, they still love themselves more than other people and, in result, prioritize their needs. They see themselves as more important to society, worthy, and valuable. They easily overreact when something bad happens to them and share stories about their misfortune with as many people as possible. No matter how minor this inconvenience is, everyone around must know what bad luck has befallen upon the narcissist. We can undoubtedly agree that such an attitude is verging on being bearable.

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How To Be Less Annoying? Tips and Tricks

If you are worrying that you may be a bit too much to bear for your family and friends, here are some encouraging words: “You got this! Anyone can stop being annoying if they really want it!”

Here are some ideas on how to become a more approachable person.

  • Think about what someone may feel. If you see that someone is not happy being around you, take a pause, and try to put yourself in their place.

  • Ask your closest ones for feedback. Is something wrong with the way you talk or text? Maybe it’s the tone of your voice? It’s worth being aware of such things, and you can obtain such information from your family members or friends.

  • Talk less. Especially when someone else is speaking. Try not to interrupt others and listen to the stories they want to share. There is nothing more annoying than a person that wants to dominate a conversation. 

  • Don’t be selfish. Try to avoid speaking about yourself when no one is asking directly. If you brag too much, you will be perceived as a person that thinks too highly about themselves. Save stories of your accomplishments for later. After you have established a comfortable relationship with someone, you can share more without being annoying.

  • Prepare notes with dates and times of all your meetings. Annoying people often tend to be forgettable and scatterbrained. It is usually difficult to explain that you overslept a meeting or confused dates.   

Let’s Start The Test

Am I Annoying? Asking this question is half the success. Answer 20 questions and find out if people have a hard time putting up with you. If you score low on the test, sleep soundly! You are not annoying at all! 

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How Much Time Do I Need To Solve This Test?

This test should take you about 3 minutes.

What Results can I get on the test?

There are four results you can get: Unbearable, Bothersome, Slightly Irritating, and Not Annoying.

What Are Results Based On?

Results are based on your answers to questions regarding your behavior in various scenarios, your personality, and understanding of others feelings. 

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