What do you know about the Reacher?

What do you know about the Reacher?

 Hello everyone, welcome back! How are you feeling today? I want to invite you to put to the test your knowledge of Amazon Prime’s newest hit show, the Reacher. Though only recently released, it already seems to generate quite the buzz and bring in the fans. If you are here to take this quiz, you are probably one of them. However, if you have not heard about this series yet, let me tell you a few words about it.

The Reacher is a crime thriller television show based on the book series written by the British author Lee Child. The first – rather riveting – season was released on February the 4th, 2022. The show follows the story of Jack Reacher, a gloomy ex-army major. Reacher visits the fictional town of Margrave in the state of Georgia, where he gets pulled into the dark world of corruption, violence, and criminal conspiracy. On top of all of this, Jack also has personal revenge on his mind. However, I would hate to spoil the details for you all, so I will keep my mouth shut about it.

I will say one thing: the show has many interesting characters and it can keep you on your toes. First reviews are generally favorable, describing the series as fun, action-packed, and solidly made. Those who like the original novels will surely find something to enjoy in this adaptation. Even if you’ve never read these books, you will love the show, as long as you enjoy the suspense, action, and fast-moving plot.

Now, let me tell you a few words about the main hero. Jack Reacher is distinctive, entertaining, and takes up space. I can say it both figuratively and literally – Reacher is a huge, physically imposing man. He knows how to use his intimidating presence to get what he wants. He is merciless against his enemies and does not hesitate to maim or kill if need be. Reacher has a strong sense of justice and will do what he thinks is right, even if it does not serve his interests.

He is not just some one-dimensional, brainless brute, though – that would be boring, would it not? Reacher possesses both Sherlock-like intellect and street smarts. He is quiet, observant, and pays attention to details. He does not like small talk and meaningless conversations. Man of few words, so to speak. He knows how to read people and their flaws, and he will eagerly point out what he deducted.

Jack has a softer side to him, too. We can especially see it when he talks to someone important to him (like a certain sweet female police officer). He treats women and older people with respect and seems to like animals. We know he also likes music. I would guess there is a kind heart under all this brutal force. What do you think?

Apart from Jack, the Reacher has a whole cast of compelling characters. That includes distinguished chief detective Oscar Finlay and rookie-but-tough police officer, Roscoe Conklin. Soon Finlay and Roscoe become Reacher’s only allies in the corrupt town of Margrave. There even might be a romantic plot brewing between Jack and Roscoe, but you will have to watch the show to see it for yourself. That is if you have not seen it still, of course. Other characters include KJ Kliner, brilliant but borderline sociopath, Grover Teale, the crooked mayor, and Frances Neagley, private detective and Reacher’s old friend.

The show has an assembly of actors from such popular shows as Smallville, Scream, iZombie, and others. If you like Willa Fitzgerald, Malcolm Goodwin, or Kristen Kreuk, you will surely be happy to see them on this show. All the actors do an excellent job in their roles.

The Reacher only has one season for now. However, recently we learned that the show got renewed for a second season. I am sure the fans of the series are ecstatic about that news. There are no words on filming dates or future plots yet, but we will know it sooner or later. As for me, I cannot wait for the next season to come out. Hopefully, the creators will not make the fans wait for too long.

So, now after refreshing the plot and characters for you guys, it is finally time for the quiz! Have you seen the new show Reacher? Did you watch all the episodes? Are you a fan of the novels, or maybe you liked the Jack Reacher movie from 2012? Whatever the case might be, I am sure you will enjoy this quiz. I encourage you to try and see how much you know about the Reacher and its characters. Have fun, and make sure you will share the quiz results with your friends! Maybe they will want to try it for themselves too.

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