What month are you?

What month are you?

Hello and welcome back. Say, did you ever wonder which month fits your personality the best? Today you will find the answer to this question. This quiz will let you know which of the first four months of the year are you. Are you January, February, March, or April? Are you more on the winter or the spring side? By reading what is written below, you will refresh your knowledge of these four months. Then hopefully, you will get a feeling of which of them can you be.

January is the first month of the year in the northern part of the world. It was named after the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings and endings, gates, transitions, doorways, and the passage of time. This two-faced deity seems to be a perfect representation of January. This is the month when some things are ending and going away – the old year, and others are just beginning – the new year. Truly there is no more perfect god for January than the good old Janus. Nowadays this is what we associate January with: new year starting, the old withering away; our resolutions for the new year; starting fresh, with a blank slate, like we are born again.

People born in January were born to be leaders. They are charming, independent, and stand out from the crowd. They are very analytical and keen to become mathematics or architects. They are ambitious and diligent, which makes them very productive at work. They enjoy making others happy and do not focus on other people’s flaws.

February is the second month of the year and the last winter month in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the month associated with cleansing and purity. It was named after the ancient Roman ritual Februa, also known as Lupercalia. For the Romans, February was actually the last month of the year, and the goal of the Februa celebration was to wipe out all that was old and bad, and welcome all new and good. In this instance, February does not seem that different from January. In modern days the first thing coming to mind when we think of February is probably Saint Valentine’s Day. The celebration of all kinds of love, but particularly romantic love. It originates from the mythical figure of Saint Valentine, the Catholic martyr, who is the patron of people in love, beekeepers, and…epilepsy. 

Those born in February are straightforward and outspoken. They are loyal to their friends and very trustworthy. They are emotional, but good at hiding their feelings and do not like to talk much about their private lives. They are innovative and creative. They have a strong sense of adventure.

March, the third month of the year, used to be the first month in the Roman calendar. It was named after Mars, god of war and carnage, and not without any reason. For ancient Romans, the war would start up again after winter; March was the beginning of warfare season. You and I do not think about March as the war month anymore (at least I know I don’t, how about you?). For us, March reminds us of the beginning of spring, plants beginning to emerge shyly from the earth, and winter slowly going away. A lot of us think fondly of March as the time we can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and let loose in our green clothes.

People born in March have kind hearts and are always willing to help others. They are highly compassionate, loving, and caring. They are also passionate, motivated, and energetic. They are bright and perceptive, and it is not easy to trick them.

Finally, April: the fourth month of the year, the last month in this quiz. We aren’t sure where its name comes from, but one of the theories says it might’ve originated from Aphrodite, the lovely goddess of love, passion, and beauty. During this month we greet spring more bravely than before. This is also the time when many of us celebrate Easter. The first day of April is celebrated around the world as April Fools’ Day; this is when we prank each other and play little jokes on our friends and family.

Those who are born in April are bold, wise, and ambitious. They have a sense of humor and are sociable, they like parties and travel. They are highly assertive and not afraid to say what they think. They are hard workers and always up for any challenge.

Now that you know a thing or two about those four months, which one do you think fits you the best? If you still aren’t sure, you don’t have to worry – this quiz will help you answer the crucial question. Are you January, February, March, or April? Take the quiz now and let us find out!

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There are 20 questions in this quiz.

What month can you be?

You can be January, February, March or April.

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