Love Tester

Love Tester

Do you want to know if the person you have a crush on likes you back? Take our love tester online quiz to find out if these feelings are real! This test is better than any love tester calculator out there!

Signs of healthy relationship

How do you test your love? You can use our real love test quiz, but if you don’t think it’s enough, check out these relationship “tests” to see if this love is meant to last forever.

Loyalty and desire

Is your partner loyal to you? Do they make you feel secure in the relationship? If they can make you feel like you’re the number one, this relationship is most likely solid.

How do you show your love? See what your love language is.

Do you feel desired by your partner? We all feel insecure sometimes, but as long we see that glimmer of passion in their eyes, everything is alright. If your man or your woman can make you feel attractive and desirable even if you don’t feel so hot at the moment, they’re a keeper.


Is your partner good with finances? Do you have mutual financial goals? Or do you keep arguing over spending too much, too little, or having incompatible attitudes towards money? Relationships often fall apart over money problems. 

How does your partner behave when you’re sick? Do they take care of you? Do they show up with chicken soup, aspirin, and warm words? If they passed the “for better and for worse” test, your relationship is strong!

Communication, respect and trust

Do you and your partner communicate well? Healthy communication is maybe the most vital part of the relationship. If you can talk freely and honestly with your partner about important matters, you have a solid thing going.

Do you feel respected by your partner? They might get annoyed by you sometimes, but no matter what, they always show you respect. Even if you fight or disagree about something, your partner is considerate of your feelings, and you know they hold you in high regard. 

People in close, loving relationships have mutual respect for one another. They support and protect one another without demeaning or belittling one another.

A healthy relationship should be built on trust. It applies not only to fidelity but to finances, raising kids, and more. If you trust each other, your love is strong.

The way partners treat one another also contributes to trust. You are more likely to develop this trust if you see that your partner treats you well, is reliable, and will be there when you need them.

It is healthy for couples to have separate interests and spend time apart. However, good couples also enjoy spending time together, whether they binge-watch a TV show, have a date night, or merely do their own thing in silence. 

The world can be harsh, so you must at least have support from your significant other. You don’t have to share the same future vision as long as you encourage each other to pursue your interests and achieve your goals.

Partners in a successful relationship make decisions together. Whether it’s as simple as what to have for dinner or as important as where to live, you and your significant other should listen to each other and reach a mutually satisfactory decision.

Of course, your opinion on your relationship is the most important factor to consider. However, if the majority of people who love you and want the best for you believe you’d be better off single, it’s a good idea to take an objective look at your relationship to figure out why others don’t see it as healthy.

Do you feel and express fondness and affection? In a long-term relationship, there may no longer be the same passion as in the beginning but you and your partner both still need tenderness and comfort. Couples in healthy relationships can build strong emotional connections over time. 

Signs of problems in a relationship

What are the signals that your relationship has problems? Check out this list of concerning behaviors and see if they apply to you or your partner.

  • poor communication
  • avoiding spending time with each other
  • being afraid to share your opinions or thoughts
  • neglecting your own needs for the sake of your partner’s
  • lack of privacy and space for yourself
  • attempts to control your behavior
  • constant criticisms
  • frequent fights, yelling
  • lack of trust
  • feeling pressured to change who you are
  • incompatible values
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Even if your relationship appears to be in good shape, it can be beneficial to take a step back and look for ways to improve it together. Healthy relationships are distinguished by the ability to identify problems, including your own, that may jeopardize the long-term success of your relationship. You can work together to create a more fulfilling partnership if you are willing to analyze your relationship.

Are you ready to test the strength of your love? All you have to do is answer a few simple questions! Do you think your love will last forever? Find out with our love test!

What results can you get?

You get a percentage score from 1% to 100%. The higher the percentage, the stronger your love is!

What is love tester?

Real love tester is a funny tool that calculates a percentage of your and your partner’s love, based on your names. With our quiz, you don’t even need to put in names – just answer a few questions.

What are the signs your relationship might be over?

Trust issues, poor communication, controlling behavior, frequent fights, not wanting to spend time with each other, incompatible values, not being able to be yourself around your partner.

What is the number one reason relationships fall apart?

Infidelity is cited as one of the most common reasons for relationship breakdown. Financial issues are also often to blame. Lack of trust, different priorities, and communication issues are high on the list of things that cause relationships to fail.

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