Love Quiz | This Quiz Will Tell You If It’s True Love

Love Quiz | This Quiz Will Tell You If It’s True Love

Once again, the focus will be on love. Do you know how to recognize it if you are with the right person? Does he or she definitely love you as much as you love her? Today you will be able to learn all about your love. With our special test you will be able to recognize the signs of true love. Don’t miss this opportunity and become a love expert!

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Types of love

Love is never the same, there is always some individual dynamic between two people. Each of us also has a different approach to love, with different needs and expectations. Ideally, we are in a relationship with a person with the same views on these matters, but there are often differences. However, it is possible to find an agreement, when two people care about each other, then nothing will stand in their way.

Can you tell why you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It’s worth analyzing this topic, because it may turn out that your relationship will not survive the first major crisis. For you, we have distinguished and described several types of love. Some are not permanent, so familiarize yourself with them and think about which ones resemble your relationship. Then take our quiz to confirm your guesses.


Love from loneliness

Sometimes people bind themselves in a relationship mainly to avoid feeling lonely again. Then we don’t have high demands or expectations. We just want someone we can spend time with. If we are lucky, we may end up with that right person with whom we will form a healthy relationship. Then our indifference turns into a real desire to be with another person.

However, it also happens that this relationship ends when the person who was lonely meets someone more suitable, or really falls in love. Love from loneliness at first is not true love, although it can turn into it. However, we should be careful, especially when it turns out that our partner is with us just because it’s a better option than being alone. A relationship requires a commitment that will not be right in such an arrangement.

Love out of habit

This is a relationship similar to love from loneliness. Only that here at the beginning of the relationship there is usually infatuation, the desire to be with each other and strong emotions, but over time, when stability appears, love slowly fades. Some people have been together so long that they stop distinguishing between a real close relationship and the habit and lifestyle they have imposed on themselves.

They forget why they are with each other, and it’s hard for them to suddenly make changes because they have become addicted to their company. However, it’s not true love if they don’t give each other that special feeling, don’t commit to the relationship and don’t try. Then there is a big risk that if a third person shows up, betrayal may occur, because the needs in such a relationship are not met. However, there is a chance for such a relationship if both people are willing to rekindle their relationship from scratch.


Love from passion

This is a love that is often confused with that of true love, as it is very often portrayed in movies. Each of us would like to experience such love, but it is important to remember that this passionate state is only the beginning of true love. If only passion and lust sustain a relationship, it can be dangerous. In love, a sense of attraction to each other is very important, but there are other aspects of love that should always be taken into account so as not to continue in some toxic relationship.

When there begins to be a lack of trust, understanding and kindness for the other person, passion alone is not enough. Most of us need to have a close bond with our partner, to have the support and help of a loved one. If your partner doesn’t care about you, it’s better to let go of all the elation and focus on someone who will give you all that.

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Signs of a true love

You have already learned about three types of love that are not perfect and true love. So, you are probably wondering what such true love finally looks like and how to recognize it? It’s worth knowing what a healthy relationship should be based on, so that you can create one yourself. If you want to find out if your love is real, or strives for real love, then check out our list below. Also remember that if your relationship started recently, it’s probably all still to come. Real love also has to be worked at, it doesn’t come out of nowhere like in the movies.

  • Above all, you wish each other well – even if you were to part ways someday, your happiness and satisfaction with life is paramount.
  • But still you would like to be together forever – that is, you hope to be able to be with each other for as long as possible.
  • You can be jealous, but at the same time you trust your partner because you know you are number one for each other.
  • You know everything about each other – you can predict each other’s reactions and know each other’s secrets.
  • You still want to get to know each other more – you are always curious about your partner’s opinion, eager to ask how your day went.
  • You enjoy being with each other and spend quality time – you go on dates and do a lot of things together, enjoying each other’s company.
  • You give each other space – you respect each other’s boundaries and sense of individuality.
  • Something keeps drawing you to each other – you think about each other and look forward to each meeting.

These are some of the main signs of real love. Have you been able to experience any of these subpoints? If not, don’t worry, such things also take time. If you have been together for less than a year, such a deep bond has not yet developed between you. But anything can happen, so take care of your relationship, and maybe it will turn into something extraordinary. So take our Love Quiz and see what you should focus on, we will measure your love and give you a hint.

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How to love?

If you dream of real love, we also have some tips for you on how to create such a healthy relationship. First, you have to want to work on the relationship, devote time and energy. Just staying in a relationship and expecting all the initiations from your partner is not enough. You also need to give something from yourself.

Show your partner that you care through compliments, kind words, organizing dates and surprises. Such small things really make a big difference. Remember also that real love takes time, as we wrote, it doesn’t come together as suddenly as in the movies. Usually this first period of fascination with another person is a normal state of infatuation, but this is not real love.

Next, remember to be honest and talk to each other a lot. Communication is important, so it’s good to work on this so you can talk to each other about everything. Also think about whether the relationship makes you happy with yourself. If you like the person you become when you’re with your beloved, that’s a good basis!


What exactly will the result of this Love Quiz tell me?

Our quiz will measure the level of your love, check how much your relationship resembles true love.

Is this Love Quiz for couples?

The quiz can be taken individually or together with your loved one.

Is this Love Quiz useful and worth taking?

This quiz will tell you how much you are still lacking for real love, which is useful information, because you will know what to work on.

Can I also find other love-themed tests on the FreeQuizGames website?

Yes, on our site you will find a lot of love quizzes, which are very popular. There are Am I In Love Quiz, Love Style Quiz, Love Quizzes for singles and much more.

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