What Type of Girl Are You? | 100% Accurate Result

What Type of Girl Are You? | 100% Accurate Result

Welcome to another personality quiz to help you learn more about yourself. Today we have a quiz exclusively for girls. If you want to know your personality and aesthetic type, this is something for you! Our What Type Of Girl Are You uQuiz will determine in an accurate way what kind of girl you are. It’s much more predictive than zodiac signs!

What type of girl are you?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that people have different vibes when you hang out with them. Some are similar, you feel they have something in common, but you can’t tell what. This includes both personality and appearance traits. For example, someone may have the energy of a Black Cat, which means they are a reserved and mysterious person with a dark aesthetic.

Do you already know what we mean? Based on this, our special test will tell you what type of girl you are. However, let’s first get acquainted with the general characteristics that girls can take on. See which one matches you the most.

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Soft Girl

The first example is Soft Girl. Girls of this type are delicate and have a feminine style. When it comes to fashion, girls choose bright pastel colors, cute accessories and simple, neat clothing. They have a romantic style, but it is not exaggerated. These girls have a gentle temperament. They are very empathetic and kind to others, always willing to help others. They make friends easily, but do not like to be the center of attention, so they are usually not so popular at school.


Soft Girls are ambiverts, which means they are neither extreme introverts nor extroverts. Girls of this type like to hang out with other people, but also often spend time alone focusing on their hobbies. Their hobbies are often typically girly like crocheting, artistic nail painting, makeup, watercolor painting and reading books. These girls are not ashamed of their feminine side, are open to new experiences and enjoy life on their own terms.

Baddie Girl

This type is the opposite of Soft Girl. These girls are also not afraid to show their feminine side, but they do it in a more powerful way. Baddie Girls don’t care about being nice and kind girls, they don’t give a damn what other people think of them. They are confident extroverts who like to be the center of attention. They quickly gain popularity and a group of their fans as well as their haters. They like controversy, this is how they most often present their opinions and views.


Baddie Girls are strong women who always fight for their own. However, sometimes they don’t know how to treat other people with respect and even to other women they can be rude, which is at odds with their feminist approach. However, they never give up, and they are able to learn lessons from their mistakes, which makes them quickly successful. As for their appearance, they rely on more strong colors, and their style is more diverse and difficult to clearly define.

Vintage Girl

Vintage Girl refers primarily to the interests of these girls. They love the atmosphere of old time periods, it could be the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, or even more, depending on their tastes. These girls have a very original fashion style. They love thrifting and find great clothes in second hand stores. In addition to their aesthetic fondness for the old days, their views are not at all old-fashioned.


 Vintage Girls tend to be confident and focus on individuality. They are not afraid to express themselves and stand apart from the group. They don’t care about such trivial matters as popularity at school. What matters to them are devoted friends with whom they often spend creative time. These girls are often interested in art, psychology or other humanities.

Emo Girl

The emo style was popular around 2010, but has recently gained attention again and has become modernized. E-Girls are girls who have found their way into this alternative style. They dress mostly in black, but join other colors sometimes. They like chain accessories, black and white stripes and cabaret mesh. The style can also range from more grungy to gothic.


However, in terms of character traits, E-Girls tend to be sensitive introverts who stay away from people who don’t understand them. They focus primarily on what is important to them. They are often interested in video games and have a strongly developed taste in music. They are perfectionists who live in their own world. Other people are sometimes afraid of them, but E-Girls are good friends who have great mental awareness.

Familiarizing yourself with these four types, do you already know which group of girls you belong to? Either way, take our test, which, based not only on your style of dress, but especially on your personality, will match you to the right group. Take our test, because the result may surprise you!

Other types of girls

Every girl is unique and individual, so many different types can fit you. If none of the above types appeal to you, you may find yourself in the ones we have additionally prepared for you. First, let’s introduce the types in question, by personality traits.

  • Leader
  • Romantic
  • Funny
  • Observer

These four types can be recognized separately, whether you are a Soft, Baddie, Vintage or Emo Girl. This means that you can be a Soft Funny Girl, for example. Starting with Leader Girl, this is a girl who has leadership skills and good organization. You might be this girl if you like to create different projetky, and other people often come to you for advice.

Then we have the Romantic Girl, which doesn’t just refer to her style of dress, but is more indicative of her ability to romanticize life and enjoy it. These are girls who enjoy being out in nature, can see the beauty of the world and believe in true love.


There are also Funny Girls, who are characterized by an extraordinary sense of humor. They can make people laugh and have a relaxed approach to life. There are also Observer Girls, who see what other people can’t see. They are very intelligent people who have a great understanding of people’s behavior. To find out which of these four types you are, take the test below!

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What Girl Are You Quiz

Now you are ready to solve our special What Type Of Girl Am I to guys quiz. Discover the next version of yourself. You may have a completely different aesthetic style and a different personality style. If you want, you can match your fashion style with your personality type, which will come out in our quiz. Perhaps you will feel more yourself then? But you will definitely know how to answer what type of girl are you.

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Or are you such an individual that none of these types really fit you? We’ve distinguished these four types based on current trends, which are fairly universal, but the truth is that you can’t always fit all people into a category. If you don’t fit into those highlighted in this quiz, look for other personality quizzes on our site, and you’re sure to find something for you!

Is this quiz based on What Girl Are You Quiz TikTok?

This quiz jst based on current trends that are also popular on Tiktok.

What type of girl can I be in this quiz?

You can be Soft Girl, Baddie Girl, Vintage Girl or Emo Girl.

Can I find more quizzes with similar themes on this site?

Yes, you will find a lot of personality quizzes on this site.

What group of people is this quiz addressed to?

This quiz is targeted at teenage girls.

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