What Type Of Girl Are You? | Free & Honest Quiz

What Type Of Girl Are You? | Free & Honest Quiz

Welcome back! Today a test just for girls! Each young girl is individual and unique. Want to find out what makes you one of a kind? That’s why we have prepared What Type Of Girl Are You personality test especially for you!


What Type Of Girl Am I?

You’ve probably been asked more than once to introduce yourself and say a few words about who you are. What do you say then? Do you know exactly how you want to introduce yourself or perhaps you always have a blank in your head? Don’t worry! By solving the What Type Of Girl Are You uquiz you will be able to get to know yourself more.

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 Each of us has a different personality and a different approach to life. This makes us unique individuals. You are certainly special, too. Ask yourself, how might other people perceive you? Are you more quiet and shy or energetic and confident? Are you known for your cleverness, or do others love your sense of humor? Pay attention to the following personality traits and consider whether they apply to you.


Everyone has that one shy girl in their friend group. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention.. She doesn’t speak when not asked, and when she does speak, she has a quiet and calm tone of voice. She is known for her gentleness and sensitivity. Which doesn’t mean she can’t stand up for others. Quiet girls are underestimated. The nature of schooling forces extroversion more than introversion. Continuous work in groups, activity in lessons, taking part in competitions and organizations. When you’re shy, it’s much harder for you then. And quiet girls usually have very high intelligence. Let’s not forget their extraordinary abilities! And what type of girl are you in school?


This is a character trait that definitely comes in handy in today’s world. A girl who is confident will definitely make it. Such girls are usually more extroverted. They boldly voice their opinions. They always fight for their own. A confident girl is a good leader, she will definitely find her way in teamwork. Some may see such girls as too loud and mean. But these are silly stereotypes. When boys remain confident, they are never called out for such things. Therefore, let’s beware of these hurtful prejudices.


Girls with high sensitivity are characterized by strong empathy. Such girls are very willing to help others, and are also much more understanding than other people. Girls who are kind may have problems with assertiveness, because they very much dislike making others feel bad. Kind girls are usually good observers. They are very knowledgeable about people and are often interested in psychology. Such girls have their intuition, which they follow. This is what makes them unique. Let’s not forget that kindness has great power!

Sense of humor

That one kind of girl. Everyone loves those funny people who always make us laugh. Girls who have a good sense of humor are either very well-liked or misunderstood. Such girls often cope with stress by laughing. They like to joke about their weaknesses, so that other people can see their true side and are inclined to accept it more. There is another harmful stereotype that girls cannot be funny. Those who think so have obviously never met a girl!

Did you find even one sentence that describes you? You may be a combination of many of these characteristics, as indicated by the type of girl in the test results. Are you ready to get to know yourself? Just take What Type Of Girl is right for me quiz!


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Girls can do anything

If you continue to think about what kind of person you are, also think about what you like to do. How you like to spend your leisure time can say a lot about you.

Perhaps you’re an artistic soul who spends your free time painting pictures? Or do you find yourself more in sports, running, swimming or playing soccer? Each of these activities makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to talk about your favorite hobby. When someone asks you to introduce yourself, the best way to describe yourself is through your interests. Astronomy, makeup, video games – whatever you like to do, share it!

Or maybe you haven’t discovered your hobby yet? Don’t worry! Throughout our lives, we learn and discover new things that we are passionate about. Don’t be afraid to try things. Think about what might catch your attention. Do you prefer to spend time outdoors or rather indoors? If outdoors, you could try playing some sports like roller skating. Of these quieter hobbies, you could take up outdoor photography.

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If, on the other hand, you prefer to spend time indoors, you also have many options. Think about your artistic skills: drawing, crocheting, ceramics, playing instruments. But if you don’t want to spend too much money on a new hobby to start with, you can boldly start writing songs, poems, stories – it doesn’t cost anything. How about cooking? Your roommates will certainly thank you for it! Let’s not forget the typical “manly” hobbies. Cars, video games, soccer. Let’s not be afraid of them either. Girls can be good at everything!


Female characters from movies and books

Do you have any favorite characters that you admire and wish you could be like them? Think about what makes you like them so much. Maybe they have some distinctive personality traits? Very often we sympathize with people who are similar to us. This also applies to fictional characters. When the main character of a book is similar to us, somehow reading a book becomes more enjoyable, right? We will now introduce some well-known characters. Think of these characters, which one do you most identify with?

  • Katniss Everdeen – the main character of The Hunger Games series. A young girl who showed her courage by entering the Games instead of her younger sister. Katniss is very caring and sacrifices herself for others. She has high moral values, for which she fiercely fights.
  • Elizabeth Bennet – the heroine of the book Pride and Prejudice. One of the favorite heroines created by Jane Austen. Her main trait is cleverness, which she can neatly use in conversations. Elizabeth is not afraid of the fact that she comes from a poor family. She values other qualities than social position. For her, family, honesty and education are important.
  • Elle Woods – the lead character of the groundbreaking film Legally Blonde, who boldly breaks stereotypes about femininity. The typical blonde dressed in a pink dress is wrongly associated with naivety and silliness. In contrast, our heroine shows her worth by getting into college and becoming a famous lawyer.   Elle is very funny and cheerful. Girls like her are changing the world!
  • Tiana – a Disney princess, the heroine of the film The Princess and the Frog. One of Disney’s favorite heroines. Tiana is a very resourceful and hard-working girl. She has one dream – to open a restaurant. She stubbornly pursues this goal, relying mainly on herself. She also has a good relationship with her family and friends. She sometimes has a sharp language, but is generally compassionate and warm-hearted.
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Now you are ready to solve our What Type Of Girl Am I test! Have fun! Don’t forget to send this quiz to your friends. Share your results!

What type of girl can you be in this quiz?

You can be Girl Leader, Romantic Girl, Funny Girl or Observer Girl.

Is this test exclusively for girls?

Yes, this test is exclusively for people who identify themselves as girls.

What are the questions in the quiz about?

The questions are about your interests, mindset and approach to life.

Will I learn something new about myself?

We hope so. And if not, at least you’ll have fun.

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