Does My Crush Like Me? | Instant Results | Free Test

Does My Crush Like Me? | Instant Results | Free Test

Hello everyone. It’s time for a quiz! Today you can find out if your crush is in love with you. But let’s start with an introduction. Do you know the meaning of the word “crush”? This is a fairly modern vocabulary and perhaps not everyone knows what it means yet. Crush means a person who we find attractive. It can be a celebrity, a classmate or even a fictional character. Crush means someone who made us feel butterflies in the stomach. This is usually the first stage of falling in love. Do you have a chance to make this feeling develop into true love? I invite you to solve this special quiz!

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Is this love or a crush?

Sometimes we have to ask. This can be problematic to determine because crushing can be the beginning of love. The first phase is when emotions take over. When we see our chosen one, the heart starts to beat harder then. Did you happen to spin love scenarios about someone? This is a very common symptom of falling in love. We can perceive our crush idealistically. We don’t see the flaws. This is very pleasant, but with time it passes. It turns into really getting to know the other person or makes the feelings disappear.


So am I in love or not? To know this, you can pay attention to several aspects. First of all, notice whether it is only about the appearance of the person. If it’s all based on looks, then you just like the person’s appeal, but it’s not love. Also see if you can spot the weaknesses of your chosen one. If you notice them without a problem, then you may be falling in love. Get the courage and make contact with him, then you will definitely know it!

Signs he likes you

Each of us wants to be liked. Even more so by those we like. If you are a girl and have a crush on a boy, you need to look at his behavior to find out if he really likes you. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that! In front of you is a list of things to take note of!

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Does he know your name?

You have to admit that this is quite important. We have to get to know someone first in order to like them. When a boy addresses you by name, it means he remembers it. Even better when he uses diminutives or cute nicknames. Then something is up! And if you’ve never had contact with him, why not introduce yourself?

Does he often look at you?

To know this, you must also look at him. Also pay attention to the way he looks at you. Does he maintain eye contact? Does he look for a long time? Does he look away when you notice him? If you answered yes to all these questions, you can be glad, because he is certainly interested in you. On the other hand, if you answered no, or you are not sure, it is worth using some tricks. Appear around him and dress nicely to get his attention. And above all…talk to him!

Does he smile often?

When he’s near you, look at his mouth. Just don’t get too distracted! When he smiles while you’re saying something, it’s a good sign. His laughter can also make a difference. Does he find you funny? Does he laugh at your jokes? Does he laugh along with you? Be sure to investigate this.

Or maybe you are a guy who wants to find out if she wants to kiss you?

Remember that these signs do not always predict genuine interest. People can behave differently especially when they are in love. Some may be stressed and then they will be afraid to look you straight in the eye. Their laughter may also be more shy. Therefore, don’t give up! You can always take a chance and ask him out. It doesn’t matter if he agrees or not – at least you’ll be sure. When he refuses you will know that it is not worth wasting your time on him.

Celebrity crushes

If you have a crush on a celebrity, then things get much more difficult. But it happens all the time. Very often actors and actresses are our first loves. Unfortunately, unrequited every time. But at least we can see what features we find attractive. Perhaps one day we will be lucky enough to come across someone who looks just like Harry Styles!

Let’s take a look at who’s on top right now. We present a list of the most popular celebrities who have stolen more than one heart!

  • Timothée Chalamet – a well-known American film actor. Due to his young age, he often becomes a crush of teenage girls. He has played in such productions as: “Call Me By Your Name”, “Little Women” and “Lady Bird.”  Timothée is very charismatic and handsome, so it’s no wonder he’s so popular.
  • Chris Evans – actor, as well as producer. Best known for his role as Captain America, the Marvel superhero. Thanks to the success that Marvel’s films have achieved, Chris now has many female fans.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – still popular. Although he certainly charms older audiences more. Every woman who grew up in the 1990s was once in love with him. Despite his age, the actor continues to date 20-year-olds, for which he is often criticized.

Man in love

It’s not just girls who have a crush. Men secretly fall in love, too. They just don’t always have the courage to confess it. But it is men who are expected to show initiative and ask for dates. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out. Sometimes it happens that a boy likes a certain girl, and she never finds out about it. Not everyone is confident enough to take the first step. But if you can do it, no matter if you’re a girl or a boy, it’s worth the risk!

What should you keep in mind when confessing your feelings to someone? First of all, don’t let rejection break you down. If someone doesn’t feel the way you do, it’s not the end of the world. If he rejects you in a polite and sensitive way, you should respect his view. Perhaps someday something will change between you. And if it doesn’t, you should accept it and keep looking for love. On the other hand, if he is rude, why would you want to date such a jerk? Second, be honest with yourself. Taking a long time to figure out whether someone likes you or not can be tiring. By asking directly, you’ll eventually find out if it’s worth wasting your time on someone.

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Each of us was once in love. When you’re older you realize that high school crushes weren’t all that important as they seemed. Remember that life brings many surprises, and people often don’t end up in one relationship. The most important thing is experience and… having fun!

What is the meaning of the crush?

Crush means a person who we find attractive.

What will I find out when I solve the test?

You may find out if your crush likes you.

How can I tell if a boy likes me?

When he often looks at you and smiles, he probably likes you.

Can a fictional character be my crush?

Yes, although unfortunately it is not possible to be in such a relationship.

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