Does she want to kiss me?

Does she want to kiss me?

Hello, how are you? Are you doing alright? Thinking about kissing that one special girl lately? You have been seeing her for a while and you would like to make that move. However, you are not sure if she wants it too. What to do? Well, if you are here, our quiz can help you find out if she would like to kiss you. Some signs could clue you in when it comes to her feelings and whether she wants that smooch or not. Read on if you want to educate yourself on those signs.

Pay attention to her eyes. When people see someone they are attracted to, their pupils will dilate and get wider. This is because the brain is releasing a chemical called dopamine which gives people a feeling of pleasure. The more dopamine that is released, the more pleasure people feel. The size of someone’s pupils can also tell you how they are feeling. If someone’s pupils are dilated, it means that they are interested in what they are seeing.

You do not need to try and sneakily measure her pupils, though – just observe if she maintains eye contact with you. If she likes to gaze into your eyes and she does that often, she likes you. And if she likes you, it is very probable that she wants to kiss you.

Does she talk about kissing you, or kissing in general? Does she wonder out loud if you are a good kisser, or confides in you about how awful her ex was at kissing? Even if she says those things jokingly, they are worth paying attention to. It means kissing you is somehow on her mind. She is thinking about it!

If a girl touches you while talking, she is probably interested in you. That includes playfully swatting your arm, putting her hand on your chest (very intimate), playing with your hair, or just trying to be close to you. Touch is one of the most basic forms of communication, and a means to establish a connection. If she touches you often, that means she is trying to connect with you. She likes you and wants you to know it. There are a few different ways to interpret a girl’s touch, but the most important thing to remember is that it is often an indicator of interest. If a girl is constantly touching you, it is a good sign that she wants to kiss you.

One of the ways to tell if a girl wants to kiss you is by observing her body language. If she is open, comfortable, standing close, and leaning towards you, it is a good sign that she wants to kiss you. If she looks shy and closed off, she probably is not ready for that move yet and it might be time to back off a little.

Does she seem to wait for something after your dates recently? Perhaps she stays a little longer at her doorstep after you walk her home, smiling at you, lingering around. This might mean she is waiting for you to take that step and finally kiss you. Pay attention to those subtle cues!

Notice how she communicates with you. Does she enjoy spending time with you? Does she laugh at your jokes, even those that are a little bit lame? Does she ask you questions and seem interested in your life? Is she flirty towards you? If the answer is yes, it might be the perfect opportunity to take that chance and steal her a kiss – of other hints say yes, of course.

If she is feeling like kissing you, she will start looking at your lips first. She will get distracted during conversations, staring at that specific point in your face. You can also catch her licking, biting, or otherwise drawing attention to her own lips. Perhaps she will reapply her lip-gloss or lipstick more often than usual. This might not even be a conscious move on her side – she might do those things without thinking about it.

Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with someone. That is why it is so important to make sure she feels the same way you do before you make a move. If she seems distant, hesitant, or uncomfortable, it might be best to give her some time and stay a gentleman. However, if she is giving you all the clear signs, go for it and enjoy the experience!

If you still are not sure if she wants to kiss you, answer the questions we have for you and discover it for yourself right now. You will get rid of all uncertainty in no time! Good luck to you and your lady. We hope that the first kiss will be a sweet memory.

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