Does she love me?

Does she love me?

Hello, fellas! Hope you are doing okay. Is there a special woman around? Someone you have feelings for, someone you consider to be an important part of your life. Being in love is an awesome feeling, and it’s good for a man to know if a woman is in love with him. It seems that things are going well, but you cannot help but wonder: does she love me?

Love can be a complicated thing. It can be difficult to understand the signs of how the other person feels when in love. Women can be hard to read, so you might be worried if she truly loves you. However, if you take a closer look at how she behaves, it will reveal to you how she feels.

Is she concerned about you? If she is worried about your well-being, safety, and health, that means she cares. She will worry about you if you are hurt or have problems. She will also want to be with you during hard times.

What is her body language around you? Does she smile a lot, looks into your eyes? Does she want to be physically close to you? Does she look relaxed and comfortable around you? All those point out to her being in love with you. Other things like that are:  her mirroring your movements, tilting her head while she talks to you, touching you a lot.

Does she include both of you in her plans? It is a good thing if she does because that means she loves you and sees her future with you. She likes spending time with you, and she likes to talk about what you could do together, for example, go on a trip.

A woman who loves you looks to you for advice. Of course, she is an independent individual who can make her own choices, but you are important to her and she respects your opinions. She is also your cheerleader in life. She supports your plans and ideas and encourages you to reach for the stars. She is always in your corner. However, she loves you enough to be honest if some of your ideas are…not that good. She wants the best for both of you, after all!

A woman that is deeply interested in you will remember the little details about you that you might not even remember. That means you have a very important place in your life and she loves you.

Do her family and friends like having you around? You do not have to be best friends with them, but if your girlfriend’s loved ones accept you, it is a huge deal. Even better if they do not just accept you, but are very friendly and treat you like another one of them. If a woman is in serious love, she tends to talk about it all the time with her girlfriends and family members. If they love, she loves you.

If a girl loves you, she will make room for you in her life. You will be the first person she texts when something good – or bad, for that matter – happens, and the last person she checks up on before bed. She is a busy woman on the go, but she will still make an effort to make you her priority.

A woman that loves you trusts you more than anyone else in her life. She will share her deepest, darkest secrets with you and will know they are safe with you. She knows she can rely on you at all times.

Nobody’s perfect and neither are you. She is aware of this, she knows you well enough. She is past the stage of infatuation when hormones could make her blind to your imperfections. No, at that point she saw your flaws and decided for herself to accept them. That sounds like love!

How can you tell that this girl really loves you? First of all, you have to communicate with her. If you do this, you will have a good idea of how she feels based on what she says. You also have to be observant – pay attention to her body language, tone, and choice of words. That way it will be clear to you if she has serious feelings for you. Finally, you might just need to step back and analyze your relationship from a distance.  Try to look at things from her point of view. Think about the place you have in her life, how seriously she treats you and how you fit in with her future.

Do you still feel confused? Do not be troubled, because our quiz will ease your worries! Answer the questions and find out if she loves you. Love is complicated, but this quiz will let you know where you stand in no time. Good luck!

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There are 20 questions.

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