Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Hello and welcome back to the quiz world! Have you been waiting for the big question? Love alone might not be enough to know if your guy wants to marry you. In a long-term relationship, it can be sometimes difficult to make sense of subtle signs that your significant other is sending. Marriage is a unique commitment, a whole next step in your love journey. This man might seem like the one, but will he marry you?

Perhaps you have been waiting for him to pop that question for a while now. Or maybe you are not on that level quite yet, but you are still curious if and when will it happen. There are signs – some more obvious than others – that could tell you that your man is ready for marriage.

Talking about the long-term future proves that he is in it for the long haul. Discussions about the future and your expectations are a sign of devotion. If he makes plans with you, he is committed. He might be arranging a weekend getaway with you, or he might start a conversation about the kind of house you would like to live in. A man who is considering making you his wife will not be afraid to talk about his hopes and dreams with you.

Have you met each other’s families? And it is not just about meeting the family members. If you’re in a stable relationship, you are a part of his family and he is a part of yours. Marriage is a natural next step, joining the two families in a union, and you, as a couple, creating your own family unit.

Can you count on him to be by your side during times of struggle? Grand romantic gestures can be amazing, especially at the beginning of the relationship. But in an everyday life, once things settle, it is more important to know you can rely on your partner when things get tough. Being dependable and trustworthy is not only a sign of emotional maturity, it’s also a sign of dedication. The small devotions like always being on time, not canceling plans with you, and following through with his promises are the actions that pave the way towards lasting love and solid marriage.

Does your partner open up to you emotionally? This kind of intimacy is crucial in a long-standing relationship. It is hard to build a strong bond without being emotionally vulnerable. If he lets you in and lets you know his true feelings, you know he considers you the one.

Are you included when he makes his important decisions? At the end of the day, a healthy relationship means compromise and deep consideration for your partner. If they are a priority to you, you will consider what is best for them, not just for you. You are not on your own anymore – you two are now whole. If he is thinking of marriage and a long-term future with you, he’s going to make sure he not only discusses big choices with you but factors you into them. He will also be prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of your relationship.

Marriage is not just a declaration of love. With it comes a commitment of practical things like money, time, energy, etc. Feeling like he is in a place in life where he can provide a stable home life can be important to a man before popping the question. He might want to make sure he has a stable job, finished his studies, and can support a family before he decides to settle down.

Is he nearing the age when a lot of people start thinking about marriage? Are his friends married? If yes, he might be thinking more seriously about commitment too. At a certain point in life, he can decide that the life of a bachelor is not for him anymore. Moreover, seeing his closest friends commit to married life can encourage him to take this step himself.

There are some smaller, more practical signs you can pay attention to. Has he been asking about your ring size lately? Does it seem like he and your family have some kind of secret together? Perhaps he has been sneakily starting a conversation about creative ways people ask their partners to marry them, and gauging your opinion. Or maybe he started planning a romantic getaway, just the two of you, completely out of the blue. We do not have to tell you that all those things mean he is about to propose!

Are you still in the dark about his marriage plans? If you aren’t sure if he wants to marry you, take our quiz and find out the answer now. We hope you will become a blushing bride to be in no time!

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