Does he want to sleep with me?

Does he want to sleep with me?

Hello and welcome back. How are you doing? We hope you are well. Is there a guy in your life you feel attracted to? There seems to be this sparkle in his eye, proving he is into you too. But how can you be sure? Believe it or not, all men are different. Some will be more direct, while others prefer to beat around the bush. After all, they don’t want to come out pushy or creepy. Even if they want to sleep with you badly, they won’t press you about it.

Of course, that’s very gentlemanly, but how can you tell if a man wants to sleep with you for sure? Well, we have a quiz right here that can answer this question. However, before that, some signs can help you figure out if a man wants you sexually.

Does he speak in a voice that is lower than usual, trying to sound suave? Does he speak more quietly, so you have to move nearer to understand him? This is a tactic to get you closer to him.

Finding any excuse to touch you, and welcoming you to touching him is also a sure sign that this man wants physical intimacy. He will be close to you at all times. Another sign is him constantly looking at you and staring into your eyes with intensity.

Does he take care of himself more than usual? Is he wearing nice cologne, dapper clothes? Of course, it’s good if a man looks nice at all times. But if he seems to be putting more effort into his appearance, the chances are he wants to bed you. The same for his apartment – especially his bedroom – being cleaner and tidier than before. After all, he knows you won’t get into dirty sheets with him.

Does he compliment your appearance or clothing? Obviously, if a guy wants to sleep with you, he will want to get into your good graces. Flattery is the easiest way to do so. He won’t be complimenting your personality though, not this time. He will focus on how good you look.

Late-night texts are a sure sign he wants something more than a kiss. A goodnight message is indeed a sweet thing to do, but guys who want to sleep with you will do the same. You are on his mind when he’s in bed – surely he would like to get you in there soon. Even more so if the texts are getting risky or outright naughty – he simply cannot wait for that intimacy.

Does he want to spend a lot of time with you? This one should be a no-brainer: no guy will invest his time in a girl he doesn’t want. A guy who is into you will fit you in his busy schedule no matter what. He might even give up his favorite event or a night out with the buddies to meet you, in the hope you might get frisky this time.

Planning dates at his home is a clear sign he wants to sleep with you. He hopes you will understand those hints. It’s an even bigger hint when he is all alone when you visit, with no roommates or anyone around. He makes sure no one will be there to interrupt his plans. The same for him suggesting you spend some time in your place and asking sneakily if your roomie will be at her boyfriend’s.

How quickly does he answer your texts? That’s a good sign he wants you sexually. He doesn’t want to miss his chance to talk to you, so he will respond promptly. The content of his messages matters too, it will most likely be flirty. A man who wants to sleep with you will take any excuse to turn the conversation naughty, especially if they are shy or reserved in person.

If he brags about his body and athletic prowess, it is his way of letting you know he is good in bed. If he mentions his workout routine or how much he lifts, he wants to show you how physically fit he is.

Of course, the surest sign is when he straight up tells you he wants to sleep with you. If a guy directly tells you he wants to take you to bed, he really means it, even if it is said jokingly. There are many ways he can tell you this. The first one is through direct speech if he is daring enough. Direct conversations are reserved for confident men who are not afraid to take risks. The other way he could use is via text message. This won’t be a common late-night booty call but a genuine conversation. A respectful guy will send a text requesting to sleep with you.

Are you still not sure about his intentions? Answer the questions we prepared and find out if this guy wants to sleep with you or not. Good luck one way or the other!

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