Does he love me?

Does he love me?

Hello again! The quiz we have for you today is about love. Ah, love…don’t we all want to have someone around who loves us and we love him? Maybe there is a man in your life who you have warmer feelings for. But you are not sure: does he love you? We are not talking about just liking you, or a simple crush. We are talking about love. Deep, true love. Well, you are in the right place –  this quiz will answer this question for you in no time! Before you get into it, maybe you would like to try and determine it for yourself, with the help of our tips.

You might have a special guy in your life who is interested in you. Perhaps you are in a relationship already. Everything appears to be going well, but you might be wondering from time to time if he loves you.

Sure, he is nice to you, you do “couple things” together, things seem to be settling and the future seems bright. But, does this man love you? Is he the one? He might tell you that, but does he ever show it? Some signs could tell you if he has a love for you.

If he loves you, he will think that you are special. Sure, there are other women out there, but you are his and you are the only one of your kind. You are his jewel and he treats you as such. For him, it will not be just one or two things that make you special. It is the entire essence of you that is so special and unique to him – your appearance, personality, the sound of your voice, and your sense of humor, everything about you is exceptional in the best way possible.

In a truly loving relationship, you will be communicating your feelings to each other. It can feel hard to bare your soul or talk about your feelings with another person. So if he does that with you, he loves you. Besides communicating about emotions, it is also important that he communicates with you about everyday things as this can help both of you to be on the same page.

Is this man protective of you? We are not talking about your everyday politeness, like opening the door for you. He also wants to protect you from negative situations. He wants to be the hero. He wants to step up for a woman in his life, provide for and protect her. If he does that, he loves you.

Does he consider you his priority? Are you a crucial part of his life? Think about it for yourself: if you disappeared, how much would change for him?

He has many things to keep him busy: work, friends, hobbies, etc. Yet he still makes an effort to make you a priority. You are becoming more and more important. Now it is not just about him and what he wants, and more about what makes you happy and comfortable. Your opinions matter and you are involved in his decision-making. In short, you simply count. When you love someone, you prioritize spending time with them. If he loves you, he will take the time to be with you, even if it is challenging.

If a man loves his woman, he will listen to the things she says – and not just listen, but remember them. He respects what you have to say and heeds your advice. It comes to him naturally. Moreover, he will listen to your words carefully, giving you his uninterrupted attention, and he will remember the little details.

If he makes big plans with you, he loves you. After all, you don’t plan your future with someone unimportant. You know he is committed to this relationship because your plans together are getting more and more serious. And it’s not just words, either – from the way he acts, you know he is in it for a long ride.

Are you comfortable being your true self around him? That means all those annoying little quirks, like not squeezing the toothpaste tube all the way out. But it also means all your flaws, all the sad, embarrassing, or dark stuff from your past. He sees those things and he accepts them. You are not perfect, but he does not care. He loves you just the way you are and doesn’t try to change you.

He might not have told you he loves you, but he might have shown it another way. You see it in the way he acts, in the way he takes care of you, in the way he is interested in your life – and wants to be a part of it.

Is your head a little more clear on the topic, or are you still not sure whether this guy loves you? Take our quiz and see for yourself. Hopefully, it will help you with sorting out your relationship. Good luck!

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