Does he want to dance with me?

Does he want to dance with me?

Hello there, how are you doing? Ready for another quiz? If you like to dance, you have probably found yourself asked to dance by some guy. The situation is pretty straightforward – either you say yes or no. You might blow him off by claiming you promised someone else to dance. Or he might have caught you by surprise when you were sweating extra hard. There are many different situations out on a dance floor.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if a certain man wants to dance with you if he doesn’t ask directly. Is he smiling at you or the other girl? Does he want to dance, or is he more interested in fooling around with his pals? It can be tough to be sure. Our quiz can help if you find yourself in a situation like that in the future!

Before you take on the quiz, let’s think about the reasons why the guy might not want to dance with you. Those reasons might not have anything to do with you, even.

It might be that he just does not like dancing. Perhaps he doesn’t know how, or he doesn’t feel confident on a dance floor. Either way, he just doesn’t like it. It is not that surprising – no man wants to make a fool out of themselves, especially if they have someone to impress. So, if he knows he’s not a good dancer, he’s just not going to dance.

It could be that he’s simply not into dancing. Some people love it, others prefer other activities. He might be one of those people. Perhaps he would prefer to have a chat with you at the bar. Maybe he went clubbing because his friends hassled him about it, but he’s not into that at all. There can be many different reasons.

What if you are in a relationship with this guy, and he does not want to dance with you when you are out together? Now, that is a real pickle. He loves you, he cares about you, but he simply won’t dance with you. Maybe he feels embarrassed about his dance moves. Or maybe he is just a little bit lazy and does not see the point. What can you do? If you care about this guy and see a future with him, it might be best to just let it go. People are different and we have to accept our partners for what they are.

Let us go back to the situation from the beginning: you are in the club, eyeing some guy who might or might not want to ask you to dance. How do you get him to do that? Use your body language to show that you are interested. Smile at him – a simple smile can do wonders for your approachability. No guy is going to want to dance with the person frowning or sulking in the corner, so if you want him to come up to you – smile!

Make frequent eye contact with him. Of course, do not stare like you want to eat his soul – that will only make him disturbed. Simply glance at him with a smile from time to time, and make sure he sees it. It can’t hurt to look somewhat playfully bored as if you’re wanting someone to entertain you. If he is still not getting it, try flashing a flirty smile the next time your eyes meet.

Do not cross your arms. This will make you look closed off and discourage a man from approaching you. If you are not sure what to do with your hands, put them on your hips – this will make you look more open and ready for some fun.

If you are in a company, try to get away from it for a minute, perhaps by walking up to a bar. Approaching a woman surrounded by friends is not an easy task, so make it easier on this guy.

You do not need to wait for him to start the conversation – you can do it yourself. Start with a little small talk, perhaps compliment his clothing or ask an engaging question, like if he knows what song is playing. Try to look interested and friendly when you talk. If he does want to dance with you, he will do it at that point…unless he is really bad at taking hints. In that case, be a modern woman and just ask him yourself. A lot of guys will appreciate your directness. Chances are many guys are feeling just as nervous, if not more, as you are. If you are feeling confident, just come up to him and ask if he wants to dance. The worst that can happen is he says no, and so what? Plenty of other guys around!

The time is up! Time to find out if that guy wants to dance with you or not. Take the quiz and find your answer now. Good luck, hopefully, our quiz will be helpful to you next time you are out and about.

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There are 20 questions.

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