Does he like me?

Does he like me?

Has there been a certain someone on your mind lately? Someone you’re thinking about all the time. Whether you are in school or at work, whether you are having breakfast or brushing your teeth before sleep, you are thinking of him. All the romantic songs remind you of him. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach every time he does as much as glances at you. You are distracted, your friends are teasing you, and your parents ask if you are alright. Okay, we get it, you’ve got a crush, and you have got it bad! The question is: how does he feel about you? Does he like you, and does he REALLY like you? Sure, you could just ask him, but who even does that!? That would be mortifying! And what if he doesn’t like you? What if he laughs? You would rather go to the dentist every single day of your life instead. Thankfully you don’t have to do that – you can just take our quiz.
Girls often find themselves wondering whether a boy likes them. They struggle, trying to guess his true feelings. They are fond of him but also afraid of a hypothetical rejection. You might be in such a tricky situation yourself right now. Maybe there is a boy in your friend group who might be more than a friend. Perhaps he seems to enjoy your company more than other girls in the pack and maybe even more than his buddies. One of your gal pals said you two would make a cute couple, and you laughed at her, but you can’t help but think: wouldn’t we? But what does HE feel?
Or maybe there’s a cute new neighbor who just moved into the house down the street. You had a pleasant chat while walking your dogs, and now he waves to you when he sees you. He even dropped by one time asking to borrow sugar, which was clearly a total excuse. I mean, who even borrows sugar from their neighbors anymore? He even accepted your friend request, but he still didn’t ask for your number, so…you aren’t sure what to think. I mean, he knows where you live! He can knock and ask you out at any time, right?
Perhaps there is someone who you met online, maybe on a dating app or a forum dedicated to your mutual hobby. You still haven’t met him IRL, but you feel like you’ve known this guy forever. You Skype practically every day and you’ve fallen asleep more than once during your late-night FaceTimes. You just like his voice so much, it relaxes you. You text constantly and your mum started to ask why are you smiling at your phone…oops! Still, you aren’t sure if you should move this relationship from the cyber world to the real one. What if he has a girlfriend? But those e-mails he sends you are so amazing…what to do?
Or maybe you’ve got a friend. You’ve known each other forever. Your families hung out together since you guys were kids, and you have tons of embarrassing childhood photos with him. You can’t imagine there’s anything you don’t know about him, and he about you. You both had relationships, but it kind of seems like you keep gravitating towards each other. Your parents are convinced you two are gonna get married one day…but you aren’t sure. Sometimes it seems like he treats you like his sister, which is sweet, but not very romantic! Perhaps he simply doesn’t know how to make a move after all this time. He might think it will destroy your relationship. Or maybe he just considers you his best friend and nothing more…sigh!
Possibly you met someone at work or in one of your classes. You worked on a project together and seemed to hit it off. You didn’t think at first that he could be someone more than a classmate or a colleague. But then, he sent you a sweet DM and commented something funny on your Instagram profile. And now your knees get weak when he passes you in the hallway. You like to talk to him, and he seems to like it too, but…is there more to it? How can you find that out for sure?
Answer the questions we prepared for you and see if they make the situation clearer for you. Maybe the result will give you the courage to ask him out…or drop him like a hot potato. Who knows what the future holds? Take the quiz and discover that now! All the best to you, have fun and remember: there will always be another boy out there, so don’t treat those things too seriously! Do you have girl friends with boy problems similar to yours? Pass them this quiz. Hopefully, it will help them out!

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There are 20 questions in this quiz.

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