Does he want to kiss me?

Does he want to kiss me?

Hi there and welcome back! We hope you are ready for another quiz. Is there a man in your life you feel attracted to? Perhaps you have just started dating, or maybe you have been going out for a while. You haven’t had your first kiss yet, but you feel like it is coming. How do you know that for sure? Do you just go for it yourself? You do not want to misinterpret the situation, though. The first kiss is important. If it is terrible, you might decide you don’t ever want to see this person again, or they might decide they don’t.

Deciding to make that move can be pretty nerve-wracking. You don’t want to appear too bold or like you are moving too quickly. On the other hand, you don’t want to seem disinterested either. And that guy you are thinking about? He is just as nervous as you are! Hey, we never said dating was easy. Of course, once the first kiss is over and assuming it went well, the pressure is off. But, if you are waiting for the guy to make the move, you need to learn how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you first and then work out what the deal is.

Some signs can tell you if a man wants to kiss you. They are not that hard to spot. After, all men are mostly simply creatures. If a guy wants to smooch you, he will not be able to hide it for too long, and if you are observant, you will see his desire.

A lot of times, you can simply feel it. That tension in the air, the look in his eyes, that gut feeling you have. Do not ignore it. If you have those feelings, you could be onto something. He might be too shy or too scared to kiss you. Perhaps it is time for you to make a move?

Does he seem fixated on your lips? Staring at them all the time? Unless he’s a dentist and trying to take a peek at your teeth (ha, ha), he is most likely thinking about smooching those kissable lips of yours.

Breeching physical barriers is another big sign. If he is moving to get close to you, sitting in your space, and finding excuses to touch you, he wants to be near for the chance of a kiss. If he gently touches your back or your hand, he is ready to pull you in for a smooch.

Does he make eye contact with you? Gazing into your eyes means that he wants you. Even more so, if he suddenly stops talking and trails off, while looking into your eyes. That means he’s got it bad!

If he is becoming more and more flirty with you, it is a sign he wants to kiss you. If you flirt back and there is obvious chemistry, do not rush things. Building up the sexual tension makes the first kiss even better. Make him work for it for a while…

Does he compliment you a lot? If he has a lot of things to say about how nice you look or how good your perfume smells, he has something on his mind. And that something is kissing, of course! He lets you know that he is into you and that he wants smooches.

Some guys act smooth and confident leading up to the kiss. Others are more nervous, and we cannot blame them. It is not an easy task! If he wants to kiss you, he might be getting nervous and fidgety. He is freaking out, so if you are willing to make it easier for him – smile and let him know it is okay.

Does he put on romantic tunes when you are hanging out together? That is a big sign he wants something. Men usually don’t put on Marvin Gaye if they do not want to make a move on a girl. If he puts on a song about love and is looking at you all starry-eyed, you can be sure he will attempt to kiss you soon.

Talking about locking lips, even jokingly, proves what he has on his mind. If he muses out loud if you are a good kisser, or teasingly asks what would happen if he just kissed you, he wants to kiss you and he thought about it a lot. He might just go for it and blurt out “Can I kiss you?” or something similar. In that case, no need to solve that mystery, he just did it for you. It is up to you what is going to happen next.

If he is not that straightforward, it can be difficult to know what his intentions are. How about you answer the questions we prepared for you and discover that once and for all! Does he want to kiss you? You do not have to wait any longer to find out. Take the quiz and good luck!

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