Which Stray Kids Member Are You? | Stray Kids Quiz

Which Stray Kids Member Are You? | Stray Kids Quiz

Hey everyone! Are you a fan of Stray Kids? We have created a quiz for you today on this subject. Which member of the Stray Kids resembles you the most? Check it out for yourself by responding to 20 questions! Real fun!

K-Pop Gaining Popularity

There are enough K-Pop groups to satisfy the preferences of every type of fan, as the genre becomes more and more well-known worldwide. But while some only appeal to a more specialized audience, others succeed in breaking down barriers and attracting a very big and varied following. In the latter category, Stray Kids stands out as a group that is now saturating the 4th generation of K-Pop and isn’t slowing down.

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Stray Kids

The boy group known as Stray Kids was established in 2017 as a result of JYP Entertainment’s survival program of the same name. Originally consisting of nine members, they made their debut on March 25th, 2018, however, one of them departed the band a year later. The other eight are Seungmin (singer), Felix (dancer), Hyunjin (dancer), Changbin (rapper), HAN (rapper), Lee Know (dancer), I.N. (dancer), Bangchan (eldest member and group leader), and Lee Know (vocalist and maknae).

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Although hip-hop and EDM make up the majority of their music, they frequently experiment with other genres as well, including rock, pop, and lyrical music. Although it is a common misconception that the band’s success was a result of their affiliation with one of the Big Three K-Pop agencies, this is just an untrue notion given that they actually had a difficult beginning and had to work extremely hard to match corporate requirements. However, despite the numerous challenges they faced, they persevered and soon their fame started to rise.

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Reasons For Their Success

One of the reasons for their success is that the group is self-produced through their own sub-unit, 3RACHA, which was founded by Bangchan, Changbin, and HAN. They take part in the composition, production, and writing of the lyrics for all of their songs, and instead of following current trends, they choose to follow their own narrative. Given that they are all in their early to mid-twenties, 3RACHA’s members each have more than 100 songs listed under their names, which is rather noteworthy.

HAN in particular, who has frequently been referred to as an all-arounder and an ace of K-Pop, has been considered an all-rounder and a major contributor to their success despite each member of the group has a certain role within the group that they can all flawlessly complete.

Additionally, Stray Kids as a whole have a greater vocal ability than most other groups do, with Lee Know being able to reach incredibly high-pitched notes and Felix being able to hit really low-pitched notes with amazing modulation, which is ideal for harmonizing. Along with having initially worked as a backup dancer for BTS, Lee Know has over a decade of professional dance experience, and he frequently contributes to the choreography for Stray Kids.


While Stray Kids’ talent is apparent, the group also wants to utilize its platform to advocate for LGBTQA+ and women’s rights, raise awareness about mental health, and donate to charity. They also want to change the world via their music.

Members To provide every kid “the opportunity to live their life to its fullest” and “the love and hope they deserve,” Lee Know and Felix both routinely assist and sponsor needy children via the nonprofit Save the Children.

I.N, the group’s youngest member, donates every month to UNICEF and gave a pair of signed sneakers to assist generate money for a project to improve the learning environment. Additionally, different members have been spotted donning clothing and jewelry from charitable organizations on numerous occasions.

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For example, Changbin wore a Louis Vuitton x UNICEF pendant to assist kids in need, Hyunjin wore a bracelet from an organization that helps in saving neglected cats and dogs, and Changbin and Felix wore Nike shoes to show support for Pride.


However, Lee Know, who utilizes fashion as a tool to not just look beautiful but really do good as well, maybe the group member who is most proactive in doing so. He has been spotted sporting a ring and earrings from Recherche, a label that donates and supports an animal shelter.

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He has also been spotted sporting earrings from a collection whose proceeds are donated to WWF, one pair for the preservation of polar bears and another to support snow leopards, both of which are listed as endangered species.

In addition, he personally adopted three kitties from the shelter. Lee Know is also recognized for sporting a protection pin earring, a sign of solidarity and allyship for minorities that effectively conveys the message “you are’safe’ with me.”

Mental Health Awareness

The band has devoted several of its songs to the issue of mental health because it recognizes how important it is to spread awareness about it. They frequently draw on their own struggles with mental health difficulties while writing songs, which helps them recover and offers encouragement to all of their listeners who are suffering through similar circumstances.

These songs cover a variety of subjects, including loneliness (“Streetlight”), suicidal thoughts (“42”), dread of growing older and time passing, sleeplessness (“Insomnia”), anxiety (“Phobia”), being stuck in a poisonous relationship (“Venom”), and sadness (“Hellevator”).

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Leader Bangchan also hosts a gathering called “Chan’s Room” every Sunday to provide their followers with a secure environment in which to express themselves. They place a high value on building relationships with their followers, serving as a positive influence for them, and promoting compassion and empathy. They accomplish this by setting an example and motivating their followers to follow suit.

Stray Kids Quiz

Which Stray Kids member is most like you? Who’s your soulmate? Answer twenty questions in our Stray Kids Quiz and find out for yourself now!

When was Stray Kids established?

The boy group known as Stray Kids was established in 2017.

How was Stray Kids created?

The boy group known as Stray Kids was established as a result of JYP Entertainment’s survival program of the same name.

How many members are in Stray Kids?

Originally consisting of nine members, however, one of them departed the band a year later.

When Stray Kids had their debut?

They made their debut on March 25th, 2018.

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