Which Character From True Beauty Are You?

Which Character From True Beauty Are You?

Hey everyone! Do you like True Beauty? We hope so because today we have prepared a quiz on this topic for you! What kind of True Beauty character are you? Answer twenty questions and see for yourself now!

True Beauty is a South Korean television series starring Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-youp, and Park Yoo-na. Based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi, it centers on a high school girl who, after being bullied and discriminated against because of being perceived as ugly, masters the art of makeup to transform herself into a gorgeous “goddess”. It aired on tvN from December 9, 2020, to February 4, 2021, every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST).

18-year-old high school student Im Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young), who has an inferiority complex regarding her appearance, has been constantly discriminated against by her family and bullied by her peers due to being perceived as ugly. She starts learning how to use makeup by binge-watching makeup tutorial videos on the Internet. When she masters the art just before transferring to her new school, her makeover proves to be transformative as she quickly rises to fame and her peers call her a “goddess”.

Despite her newfound popularity, Ju-kyung still considers herself ugly, and it is her greatest fear that her peers will see her real face. This, unfortunately, comes true when her dashingly handsome, popular, and mysterious classmate Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo), whom she had previously run into with her bare face a couple of times, recognizes her beyond her makeup. Su-ho is very popular among female students at school, but he hates being the constant center of attention and is often seen as aloof and cold. He has his fears, and he harbors a dark secret—a tragic incident in the past—that has been haunting him for a long time. He and his former best friend, Han Seo-jun (Hwang In-youp) have distanced themselves from each other because of this incident, and the blame Seo-jun placed on Su-ho has caused him a lot of guilt. Ju-kyung and the estranged friends Su-ho and Seo-jun soon forge an unlikely relationship as they unravel secrets, share their pains, grow together, and seek comfort from each other.

Teased by her family and bullied by her peers because of her looks, 18-year-old high school student Lim Ju-kyung contemplates suicide and goes to the rooftop of a high-rise building, but she stops herself at the last minute and decides to move on with her life. Just in time, a handsome boy pulls her away from danger and tells her to consider how her loved ones will suffer had she jumped to her death. Days after, she starts learning how to use makeup through tutorial videos on the Internet and mastered the art just before transferring to her new school. The makeover proves to be transformative as her peers call her a “goddess”.

After encountering her handsome classmate Lee Su-ho at the comic book store in her bare face, Ju-kyung struggles with keeping her true face a secret from her peers. She realizes later that Su-ho does not recognize her yet at school as the ugly girl from the comic book store. Meanwhile, tough guy Han Seo-jun returns to school and recognizes Ju-kyung to be the girl who ran away with his helmet. Su-ho reveals to Ju-kyung that he recognizes her. Ju-kyung offers herself to Su-ho as his errand girl in return for keeping her true face a secret from their peers. Later, she searches her bedroom for Seo-jun’s helmet but it is nowhere to be found.

Reminded of Jung Se-yeon’s tragic death, Seo-jun picks up a fight against Su-ho at the cafeteria, with the innocent Ju-kyung in the middle of the clash. The incident puts Ju-kyung in an uncomfortable position as rumors of a love triangle between her and the boys spread in the school. Su-ho becomes bothered when Soo-ah arranges a blind date for Ju-kyung.

Ju-kyung runs into Seo-jun’s younger sister Go-woon being bullied by her fellow music club members for taking the lead role despite being ugly. Reminded of her past suffering, she defends Go-woon against the bullies and uses her makeup skills to transform her just before the club’s performance during the school festival. As Seo-jun’s rebuke and a posthumously released song remind Su-ho of his tragic past, Ju-kyung recognizes the boy who rescued her on the rooftop. Despite Su-ho’s loathing, his celebrity father Lee Joo-heon goes to school for a parent-teacher conference and gains a lot of attention. Seo-jun expresses his gratitude to Ju-kyung for helping his younger sister. Ju-kyung runs into an unlikely visitor at the Im family’s residence. One day, she bumps into the person she fears meeting the most and is kidnapped later on by Seo-jun’s enemies. Seo-jun and Su-ho team up to rescue her as Soo-jin, Soo-ah, and Tae-hoon discover where Ju-kyung is held captive.

In July 2019, it was announced that the Line Webtoon True Beauty would be adapted into a television series. In August 2020, the production team confirmed the casting of Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-youp in the lead roles. The first script reading session was held in October 2020. Filming was temporarily halted in late December 2020 after Kim Byung-chun tested positive for COVID-19. The first stills from the filming were released on November 10, 2020, one month before the series premiere. The series is available for streaming through Viu and Rakuten Viki.

Do you like watching True Beauty? Which character is your favorite? Which of them resembles you the most? Answer twenty questions and see for yourself!

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Lim Ju-kyung, Lee Su-ho, Han Seo-jun, Kang Su-jin

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